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    Shhhhhh. Nosler Introduces Suppressors

    No specs given for noise reduction.
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    Nosler Customer Service is Terrible

    You should have tried the trigger and action before leaving the parking lot. At least you would have known that there was something wrong with it immediately after purchase. Escalate this up the corporate ladder.
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    Left Handed M70

    I haven't fired my LH M-70 .300 Win. Mag. and .338 Win. Mag. for that reason and that I already have other LH .300 and .338 magnum rifles.
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    Left Handed M70

    Buy it. Now. I've got seven LH M-70s from .270 Win. to .470 Capstick, and they may never make them again. The problematic ones were fixable. George
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    Suppressors for hunting in WA and other questions

    I started using them once I moved to a free state. I use both direct thread and QD suppressors on rimfires, handguns, and centerfire rifles from .223 to .458 SOcOM. A direct thread can is a good choice if you do not expect to need to remove/attach it quickly and often. Many direct thread...
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    Trifecta Achieved

    Λούκη Λουκ
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    2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax

    Nice truck, Jim! George
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    Change ?

    No, I just buy the "something new". :grin: After a while, I need a bigger safe. (y) George
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    Why do I want a 32-20 Marlin?

    Go for it, my friend! :grin: George
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    Wyoming Draw results out

    :grin: Some day, I'll unleash that Winchester Custom Sporting Sharpshooter 7mm STW in front of you. :twisted: George
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    Wyoming Draw results out

    I drew a doe vtag, so Fotis and I will once again scare a prairie goat or two. :grin: After more than a decade of killing them with my .243AI, I want to use my Ruger 6.5 Creedmoor Predator (suppressed). :idea: George
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    Big Bore.

    :lol: You must have used solids. :lol: I shot a jackrabbit with a .25-06 once and blew it in two! George
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    Big Bore.

    Pipsqueak round. :twisted: How about the .470 Capstick? i used one on my last Cape buffalo. Here it is next to a .270 Win. and a .22-250. George
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    Nosler 6.5mm/.264" 140gr Ballistic Tips needed

    I've got plenty now, thanks.
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    What would you scope it with?

    You're welcome, grasshopper, but you have surpassed me already . (y) George