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    New and Improved Nosler Forum!

    Nosler is pleased to release the newly updated Nosler Forum. In addition to a completely new look and design, we are now on the most current version of forum platform software which offers a vast improvement in speed and functionality. Members don’t need to make any changes to their accounts...
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    26 Nosler ?

    It is true; we have developed a new rifle cartridge named the 26 Nosler. The photo posted above is indeed a photo of our 2014 catalog. While the cartridge does share similarities with existing cartridges, the 26 Nosler is a new and unique cartridge that was submitted to SAAMI by Nosler in June...
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    Official Nosler 300 RUM 210 ABLR Load Data
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    **PLEASE READ*** Creating a new account (New Members Only)

    Due to an extremely large number of spam attempts, we have had to employ a more involved procedure for creating a new account. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT, PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW ONE. This only affects new member registration. To register for a new account, please closely follow this...
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    2013 Nosler Catalog Now Available!

    The 2013 Nosler Catalog is now available as a PDF download. Click on the banner to download the entire 2013 catalog. See pages 3 and 4 for a complete listing of all new products.
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    Tumbling tarnished bullets??

    That is exactly how we polish them before they are inspected and packaged here at the factory. It works great.
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    INTRODUCING Accubond Long Range

    We are happy to see that everyone is so excited about these bullets, we are very excited too! The AccuBond-LR bullets will be available in stores by the end of March 2013. We designed this year's offerings to stabilize in standard twist rate barrels when loaded to standard book velocities...
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    New Blems (Ammunition and Bullets) added to SPS 9/7/12 Nosler Custom Ammunition 300 Win Mag 165gr Partition (Blem) 20ct 33.95 Nosler Custom Ammunition 300 Rem Ultra Mag 180gr Partition (Blem) 20ct 44.95 Nosler Trophy Grade Ammunition 243 Win. 85 Grain Partition (Blem) 20ct 20.95 Nosler Match Grade Ammunition...
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    New Blems and Overruns added to SPS 7/18/12

    New Blems and Over-Runs Added TODAY! Nosler 30-168gr Custom Competition HPBT (Blem) 100ct 17.95 Nosler 22-80gr Custom Competition HPBT (Blem) 100ct 13.45 Nosler 30-150gr AccuBond (Blem) 50ct 15.95 Nosler Trophy Grade Ammunition 308 Win 165 Grain Accubond (Blem) 20ct 22.95 Nosler...
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    New Blems and Over-Runs at SPS 7/13/2012 Blems Nosler 22-80gr CC HPBT (Blem) 100ct 13.45 Nosler 30-06 Unprimed Brass (Blem) 50ct 29.95 Nosler 30-150 BT (Blem) 50ct 13.45 Nosler 30-168gr CC HPBT (Blem) 100ct 17.95 Over-Runs Nosler 30-180gr Partition Spitzer 50ct (OVER-RUN) 15.95...
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    Nosler Ballistics App Now Available

    For now, the app will only be available for iPhone/iPad and Android The data for the two apps (free and $3.99) is the same, but the $3.99 version has some updated displays and features including the ability to import weather and wind data.
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    New Blems added to SPS 7/3/12 Blem Ammo!

    Nosler 9.3mm-286gr Partition Spitzer (Blem) 50ct Nosler 22-60gr Partition Spitzer (Blem) 50ct Nosler 22-50gr Ballistic Tip (Blem) 100ct Nosler 270-130gr Ballistic Tip (Blem) 50ct Nosler 6.5mm-120gr Ballistic Tip (Blem) 50ct. CANN Nosler 6mm-55gr Ballistic Tip Lead Free (Blem) 50ct...
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    New Blems added to SPS 6/26/12

    Hi Everybody, We just added a bunch of Blems to the site. Too many different calibers and weights to list. Most of them are in very limited quantities, so act fast, they are already flying off of the shelves!