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  1. Guy Miner

    First ELD-M on deer

    Tackdriver - I applaud you for putting that buck out of its misery. I suspect that the meat is still good, but only you can determine that. If it looks and smells good, that's pretty good. Guy
  2. Guy Miner

    First 2022 Pheasants

    It's a requirement. Most of the places, public and private, where I hunt birds, now require steel shot. I do have to admit that the steel shot loads I'm buying today seem to work real well. I certainly was not a fan of steel shot years ago when it first appeared. Regards, Guy
  3. Guy Miner

    First 2022 Pheasants

    At the Cooke Canyon Hunt Club earlier today, we walked in snow up to about knee deep. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Maverick the dog was star of the show. Five good points, five great retrieves! Not bad for a rescue dog. :) He just needed a second chance. Was great seeing the dog and my son...
  4. Guy Miner

    Need a resizing die for a 7mm snort action ultra mag,

    Oh phooey! I got that wrong. :( However... It appears that Mid South has the 7mm Short Action Ultra Mag Forster dies avail for backorder too: Good catch Scotty. I found the wrong dies...
  5. Guy Miner

    Need a resizing die for a 7mm snort action ultra mag,

    Al, looks like Mid-South usually carries them. Right now they're saying "backorder okay" - so it might be a bit of a wait: Regards, Guy
  6. Guy Miner

    Nosler...Model 21 New Model?

    That 6x Leupold is one of my favorite scopes! Looking forward to your range report. Regards, Guy
  7. Guy Miner

    New Springfield P-35

    I would very much like to try one. The Hi Power is terrific, and from what I have read about this version, Springfield really nailed it! Please let us know what you think after you've had it to the range. :) Regards, Guy
  8. Guy Miner

    Safari Rifle Challenge

    Yes, full power loads were required. :) There were a couple of guys who are grandfathered in from the first matches, who are allowed to use their 45-70's and similar. Everyone else uses 375's or 9.3's and up. Mostly up. It's a fund raiser and a gathering more than a match. I saw guns I've...
  9. Guy Miner

    How did you get started reloading?

    Started "helping" Dad & Grandpa when I was a little fellow. Maybe five years old or so? They'd let me seat the bullets for their rifles. Grandpa had a big old press and quite a handloading setup in his shop. After he passed, it all went to Idaho with my uncle. For some years Dad didn't have a...
  10. Guy Miner

    30 cal bullet for Brown Bear

    BTW, I'd seriously consider: 220 grain Nosler Partition 200 grain Nosler Partition 200 grain Nosler Accubond 180 grain E-Tip 168 grain E-Tip Whichever one shoots well from your rifle. Regards, Guy
  11. Guy Miner

    30 cal bullet for Brown Bear

    My Brooks Range grizzly was only a few inches over 8' squared, so not nearly as big as a good sized coastal brown bear. That said, I took him with a 30-06 using 200 grain Nosler Partitions handloaded to 2600 fps. The bullets did great, I didn't do my best shooting. I dropped him, twice, and once...
  12. Guy Miner

    Crummy photo of a good bull:

    Taken this morning. Low light, distance etc.. I'm not happy with the photo, but it's the best I got. You elk hunters might enjoy. I spent a couple of hours watching two big bulls just hanging out on a hillside. :) It was great!
  13. Guy Miner

    Lever Action Rifles

    I think that a lot of us who usually hunt with bolt action rifles... Have a lever action rifle or two in the gun safe. :) They're just an absolute hoot to shoot. I spent part of today loading 30-30 ammo. It's fun, just handling the old cartridges, let alone shooting them from the old-style...
  14. Guy Miner

    Lever Action Rifles

    Just felt like posting up some photos of lever action rifles. I've been doing some 30-30 handloading recently, and it got me to thinking about levers. Please join in and post 'em if you've got 'em. :) My 45-70 JM Marlin 1895 which I sold to a good friend about 12 years ago. Nice rifle. I kept...
  15. Guy Miner

    New to reloading

    Welcome to the Nosler Reloading Forum! Seems that you are off to a good start, and don't hesitate to ask. Good group here, willing to share info pleasantly. :) Regards, Guy
  16. Guy Miner

    The Awesome Lee Loader

    Well, Gavin and I did it again. Writing this article and doing the video with Gavin took me back several decades to a time when I owned one rifle and loaded for it on a Lee Loader. It's still a great, and inexpensive, way to handload: Please read the article as well as viewing the video...
  17. Guy Miner

    I've been busy at Ultimate Reloader

    Not at this point, but it sure would be interesting. :) Guy
  18. Guy Miner

    SAKO A III ?

    Not sure what a SAKO A III is. Not real familiar with SAKO rifles. This 7mm Remington Magnum has a nice looking walnut stock, very good factory sights. It looks good and feels good. Has some wear marks here and there. Nothing that bugs me. Can anyone tell me a bit about the SAKO A III? Any...
  19. Wyo buck 2020 2.jpg

    Wyo buck 2020 2.jpg

    7mm Remington Magnum, Ruger Number One rifle.
  20. IMG_20181006_112037215_HDR.jpg


    4x4 Wyoming muley taken at 355 yards, 115 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip from my 25-06 rifle.