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    What have you taken nilgai with?

    Hahaha! This is great!(y)
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    Trail Cam Pic

    If this was someone else's post, I'd be asking you to try and spot the deer/ bear/ moose/ squirrel/ wombat/ narwhal/ platypus in the picture. Not me, though. This right here is a nice picture of some bushes; one of 1,539 taken by my trail camera in the last few days. Seems like the...
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    First Glock for Me...G20 Gen4

    Not that anyone asked, but I also am not a Glock fan. They are well made, reliable, rugged, and have the most aftermarket parts available aside from perhaps AR platforms. That said, I have never been able to shoot one well, no matter what I've tried and no matter who's I've tried. It's a me...
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    What to do with a pretty stock?

    That's a lot of nice looking wood. I expect that you could get a couple of different projects out if it.
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    What have you taken bear with?

    Nice bear.
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    Alaska Glock 20

    That's an impressive bruin.
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    Buck Antelope Down

    Most exceptionally well done! Excellent animal and you didn't let an injury get you down. Also, I know this is principally a firearms forum, but I have to say I really like that knife of yours.
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    The versatile 30-06.

    The best part of the -06 - you can make it into a Whelen; something you cannot do with the 300WM. :p
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    What have you taken bear with?

    35 Whelen And yes, I want to do it again. And again...
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    What have you taken elk with?

    Yes, but if you find one outside the zone, you can take it on a deer tag. Yes, that is in the regs.
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    What have you taken deer with?

    Okay, so F250, Kenworth, and diesel locomotive - what kills better, fast and light, or slow and heavy? :sneaky:
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    What have you taken deer with?

    Nonsense - you need to start a "What have you taken Nilgai with?" thread.
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    Iron Sight Shooting.

    Man, oh man. Some days I hate coming on here because of all the ideas I get. Admittedly, this is a much less expensive idea than when I read about everyone's new acquisitions. Anyway - this seems like a capital idea. I know I want to hunt with a levergun (another idea from this forum), so, I...
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    Sum up "what have you taken XYZ with?" Threads

    This is a very good question, and has raised some interesting conversation; which has morphed from what did not work, to what did not work as expected/ intended. And, beyond that, some of the conclusions drawn based on those experiences. First, thank you all for sharing, and thanks again to...
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    What have you taken buffalo with?

    I'm not in a lot of these clubs.
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    Premium .458 Caliber Bullets

    Great write up; information dense, and packed with practical experience. I'm not expert in rifles for African game, but I think the SMAW in your profile picture would beat them all.
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    Worlds fastest outhouse visit

    Yes, it can be serious. But from my safe distance, have to confess to laughing more than a little.
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    Are you a disabled veteran.......

    I reached out to him. I will let you know. Again, thank you.
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    Setup the grandsons hunting spot

    Look great! Best of luck to him.
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    Utah Mountain Lion Attack!

    I used to trail run north of there, and I was always very aware that meeting a lion was a possibility. I never saw one, but knew plenty of people who had either seen one, or seen sign. One gentleman (I use the term loosely, as he was a Marine ;)) was bow hunting for elk in the same area I...