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    44 Special 200 gr XTP

    Loaded up some 44 special with 7.5 gr of power pistol and 8 gr with a 200 gr XTP. Shot at 10 yards with open sights, the load with 7.5 gr was nothing to write home about but the 8 gr charge was the goods in my model 29 44 mag. Gonna try it with 8.5 gr next time I get it out.
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    280 Remington IMR-4350 140 gr Accubond

    Had a unexpected day off yesterday and did a little load development with IMR 4350 with a 140 gr Accubond.
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    Had the 44 magnum out yesterday

    Got an unexpected day off yesterday and loaded up some 44 magnum and hit the range.
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    RCBS 44 Special 44 Magnum Die setup

    I bought a set of RCBS 44 special/44 Magnum dies from a buddy of mine and the instructions don’t say anything about what the spacer provided is supposed to be used for? Any help would be appreciated.
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    240 gr bullets for 444 Marlin

    I have a couple boxes of Speer 240 JSP deep curl bullets and thinkin about loading a few in my 444 Marlin to see how they shoot? I know Remington used to make a load for the 444 with a 240 gr JSP, I’m not sure how they’d hold up against a deer or bear at 444 velocities.
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    7mm-08 160 gr Accubond

    Had mixed results with a 160 gr AB in my 7mm-08 using RL-17 and tried em with 49 gr H4831sc with a Fed 210 LR Primer.
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    Howa 1500 Hogue Rifle

    Looking into getting another rifle next year, I'm looking at another 7mm-08 or 25-06. Both barrels have a 1-10 twist. Anyone know what weight bullets are normally best for that rate of twist in those calibers?
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    22-250 50 gr Blitzking

    Ran some 50 gr Blitzkings with a max charge of Varget. This is the same exact load I run with the 45 gr Varminter and had the same p o i. I’m gonna try the 50 gr Varminter with the same load and see how they shoot. From what I’ve read the Blitzking is a little on the explosive side on impact.
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    7mm-08 150 gr Ballistic Tip

    Turns out my 7mm-08 shoots a 150 gr BT best with 45.5 gr of IMR-4831.
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    22-250 45 gr Sierra Varminter

    Haven’t been on in a while and thought I’d post a pic of the load I came up with for my 22-250 with a 45 gr Sierra Varminter with 36 gr of Varget. Can’t wait to put em to use coyote hunting this winter.
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    Savage model 110 Storm 280 AI

    I was looking at the Savage 110 Storm in 280 AI and it has a 22” barrel. Doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of having a 280 AI when it comes to muzzle velocity?
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    7mm-08 range day 160 gr Accubond

    Turns out my Savage model 16 Weather Warrior likes a 160 gr Accubond with Reloader 17 best. It wouldn’t shoot a 120 or 140 gr bullets no matter what I tried.
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    Colorado draw

    Just applied for a 3rd season rifle buck tag and another preference point for Elk.
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    7mm-08 O A L question

    I made up a dummy round last night for my 7mm-08 with a 139 gr Hornady BTSP Interlock, I barely seated the bullet and chambered it and the O A L measured 2.866, it chambers and ejects with no trouble at all and fits the magazine with no trouble. Is seating it another .050 and starting with low...
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    Range day with the 280 Remington

    Took the 280 to the range this morning and ran some 139 gr Hornady BTSP Interlock bullets with IMR-4831. This is the second time out with the bullet seated .010 deeper than the last load I tried and the accuracy greatly improved.
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    Reloader 17 for 7mm-08

    Got a pound of Relaoder 17 over the weekend to try in my 7mm-08 with 150 gt BT and PT. Anyone have good results using this powder in this caliber? The Hornady manual shows the burn rate between IMR & H4350 and Ramshot hunter.
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    Any Ruger Alaskan owners?

    Looked at a Ruger Alaskan 44 mag to carry while bow hunting in bear hunting, just wondering what the recoil is like if loaded with 305 gr Buffalo Bore cast bullets?
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    Colorado 2nd and 3rd rifle Cow Elk question.

    Going over what I'm putting in for 2018 and wanted some input as to weather there's any advantage to hunting Cow Elk in the 2nd rifle season instead of the 3rd?
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    Nosler Trophy Grade 7mm-08 Ammunition

    Tried a box of Trophy Trophy Grade 7mm-08 140 gr Accubond ammunition this morning and was really surprised at how well it shot. Hands down the most accurate out of what I tried. Wouldn’t be afraid to go hunt with it.
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    Ramshot Hunter temp stability

    Got a can of Ramshot Hunter on the way to try in my 7mm-08, anyone have any input on how it is with temp stability?