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    Leupold Tracking Issues

    It seems to me that Leupold was once the king of affordable quality optics and were known to hold zero for decades. Once they started offering the CDS dial, things changed. Holding zero was no longer the priority to consumers, and I suspect that the CDS either exposed a flaw in the tracking of...
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    Redfield Illuminator 2-7 Question.

    After taking some time to research the progression of various Redfield scopes, I've found some specifics on this particular model. The Widefield Illuminator is of 1980's vintge and is USA made. They did make an Ultimate Illuminator later on that was made in Japan. When I look through this...
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    Redfield Illuminator 2-7 Question.

    Thanks AFG. Great article on Redfield. If this scope needed repair, no way would I pay $90 and up along with an 18 month wait. It sure looks like it was quality glass in its day though.
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    Redfield Illuminator 2-7 Question.

    Anyone know the history of the Redfield Widefield Illuminator series scopes? I recently acquired a Model Seven stainless in 308 topped with a 2-7 Illuminator. It's not the Accutrac, just standard adjustments with duplex reticle. It has NO country of origin anywhere on the scope. I plan on...
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    Picked up kind of a rare one.

    Way cool! There is so much character to that rifle how could you ever pass it up? Great find. Could the lever to the left of the peep somehow lock/unlock for windage adjustment?
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    Remington 700 SPS over pressure

    Just a real random thought...have you checked to make sure the ejector can be pushed down? If a piece of brass got in there preventing it from "plunging," then it could create a high pressure issue.
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    Remington 700 SPS over pressure

    Some early Winchesters had similar issues, and most were out of round chambers. Yours sounds more like an off-center clambering where the axis of the bore isn't exactly centered with the axis of the action. This could be the action itself or the barrel. Its normal to have to bump the shoulder on...
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    First Glock for Me...G20 Gen4

    I just find it strange that I'm so much more inconsistent with the Glock. I'm not a new shooter, just new to a Glock. I can shoot my Ruger SR9c instinctively better than I can the Glock slow fire. I'd go with a 1911, but 7-8 rounds of a slow mediocre penetrator that weighs a lot isn't what I...
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    First Glock for Me...G20 Gen4

    I do wear glasses, for just over a year now. This isn't an issue with any other handgun. The notch on the G20 seems plenty wide to me. The front dot just disappears sometimes. I don't have this issue with a 3-dot or the dot the "I" on my Kahr. The magazine issue isn't really that big a deal...
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    First Glock for Me...G20 Gen4

    Thanks Salmonchaser! I knew I wasn't the only one with the Glock grip angle, but I wasn't sure if it was more due to the size of this grip. A sight change is probably what I'll try first. Who knows, I might be hitting exactly where I'm aiming since I can't see the front sight very well...I'll...
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    First Glock for Me...G20 Gen4

    First off, I might have set myself up for this from the beginning since Glocks don't point naturally well for me. They point high, but I felt the larger frame and slide weight would help this issue. Let me back up a little and say that the 10mm is a fantastic cartridge when loaded to its full...
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    Second black rifle craze on the way?

    I think the more serious issue is based on immigration. If a dem is voted into office, I suspect the path to residency and right to vote for illegals will happen within the first term. This very well could be the last "regular election" held in the United States of America.
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    160gr TSX from 7 Rem Mag. 2 Bullets Recovered

    See my post from last year, same rifle, same load. viewtopic.php?f=49&t=26580 This year, the target was a very nice 4x4 blacktailk from 423 yards. Both bullets hit right behind the shoulder, and both exit woulds were about 1.5-2.0" in diameter. No tracking was needed, for the buck fell after...
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    Rem 700 Classic in 8x57

    I think the 700 Classic is the only factory sporting rifle ever chambered in 8x57 in America. I could be wrong though. That should add some "cool" factor to it for you guys.
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    EPA cannot regulate lead ammo

    Well, now that our governor resigned, we are stuck with the country's first openly bi-sexual secretary of state as the acting governor. What's next? A child will get arrested on murder charges for bringing a peanut butter sandwich to a school that has half the students carrying communicable and...
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    EPA cannot regulate lead ammo

    A bald eagle died here in Southern Oregon at a wildlife rehab center. The eagle was found to have died from lead poisoning, and the biologist claimed that it was from lead bullet fragments. ... 5/0/SEARCH
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    .500 S&W handgun / water hole ????

    Test it out on a spring bear as a warm up
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    280 Rem- Test Loads - 02/06/15

    IMR4831 has been stellar for me in the 280