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  1. RAD57

    .224 40 grain Varmaggedon HP gone ... Rest in Peace

    The .224 Varmageddon HP was the perfect bullet in my CZ527 22 Hornet and I'm sad to see it leave, just as I was sad to see the 45 grain Solid Base Hornet depart. The 40 grain tipped is way to long for the Hornet magazines, and I do not like the light weight bullets ... might as well shoot my 22...
  2. RAD57

    Those were the days!

    It seems that most bullets manufactured today go directly to ammunition manufacture and handloaders/reloaders are now an after thought. It seems that the customers that brought success to the bullet manufacturers are being neglected. Bullets were reasonably priced and available online as well...
  3. RAD57

    270 Win 160 Partition and RL23 data

    Anybody out there have any data for the 160 Partition loaded in the 270 Win with RL23 powder? I was hoping the new Nosler Manual would have RL 16, 23 and 26 data for many of the cartridges but sadly they haven't.
  4. RAD57

    220 Swift Data

    Need some new powder updates/additions with the 220 Swift. H4350, RL16, & N540 are doing an awesome job with the 50 & 55 grain bullets.
  5. RAD57

    New for 2019 Accubond BC numbers

    2019 is quickly coming to an end, when can we expect to see the BC numbers published for the new Accubond bullets?
  6. RAD57

    Corroded Accubonds

    I recently opened a box of 338 225 grain Accubond bullets and was shocked to see half of the points broken/corroded off of the bullets. I contacted customer service and talked to Mike and he is sending me a new box. Thumbs up with Nosler Customer Service. He told me my box was about 15 years...
  7. RAD57

    New Nosler .277 150 Accubond 54801

    This is the first Accubond bullet that I have noticed is actually cataloged to be shorter than a comparable Ballistic Tip. Will this mean that it will have a lower BC? Regardless, I will be willing to give them a shot as the 150 AB LR has not been a favorite in my 4 270's. Hope they are...