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  1. Mmann

    First go of it

    I finally was able to piece together enough stuff to reload a couple for the .300 wsm. To be totally honest a lot of this is super new to me, JD338 has helped me a ton with my 7mm. The wsm’s are the first ones I’ve done start to finish all on my own and to quote another thread on here “they...
  2. Mmann

    A box of old books

    I don’t know if anyone else finds this as interesting as I do, but my dad got a box of old reloading and firearms books. All of them are from the early 60’s I think. I figured if anything maybe somebody would get a kick out of seeing the time capsule I’m gonna engross myself in this weekend...
  3. Mmann

    Tim Kennedy

    I’m really excited to see this. Tim Kennedy is kind of a personal hero of mine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Mmann

    W231 to hp38

    This may be a subject that’s already been covered, but I was trying to find Winchester 231 and came up empty handed. I was told that Hodgdon hp38 is an identical powder made in the same factory so I bought a pound of it. I was wondering if anyone could confirm this at all, or had any experience...