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    Opinions on groups

    Worked up a pet load for my 300 WSM but with limited powder also shot Hornady CX, Federal TA and Norma Bondstrikes out of my Browning Mountain Pro X Bolt. Here is my question: My handloads and the 3 factories all had the same POI at 100 yards but here is the catch: In all 4 loads: 2 of the...
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    270 WSM powder help

    Long time reloader but 1st post. So with the powder shortage, I have these available to work up a load with for my Browning ABolt in 270 WSM with either 140G AB or PT. H4831sc, H4350, IMR 4350, IMR 4831 and RE22. I have the Nosler #6 manual but not the most recent. Just wondering what...