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    20 nosler...??

    Where did this come from??? Or have i just never noticed before.
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    QL for 264 WM

    Looking for a Quick load for the 264, 25" barrel 3.25 COL, 143 ELDX Retumbo, IMR 4831, H4831, also curious about H50bmg, and superformance thanks
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    M70 push feed vs. M700

    So just starting to think another project, and thinking I should use a donor vs a new action. I have a Remington 700 ADL 6.5 Creed and a Winchester M70 308 Win push feed. The build would be for a hunting rifle most likely for a young lady. Thinking 7-08, 284, 308 with a break, right now I am...
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    Evening paddle

    Well family was out of town today so on the way home from work i was thinking range trip or lake trip. Decided it was too hot and didn't need to try any new hunting loads at temps 40 to 60 degrees warmer then they would be hunted at. So the lake it was! I bought myself a new solo canoe a few...
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    multiple .264Cal

    Just thinking to myself waiting for a meeting to start. My 264cal rifle collection has expanded from just 260 Rem's to include a 6.5-300Wby and soon to be 264 Win Mag. I was loading my 260 typically with 140 and 143gr bullets and I am wondering if I should drop down to the 120-130 range and...
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    2022 Season Plans

    Well it August already, summer is nearly over and the seasons are right around the corner. I'm sure some plans have changed since we talked this spring, waiting on draw results, or what else these crazy times we are in might bring What tags do you have to fill, where are you going, and what are...
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    6.5-300WBY Quick Load H50BMG

    Just looking to see the the % burn loading 50bmg, 143gr ELDX in a 26" barrel COL 3.59"
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    22-250 ladder

    Doing a Ladder test for my 22-250 with 52gr ELDM and CFE223 powder I loaded 2 rounds of each charge and here are the results Where would you go next? here is a photo of the cases, high charge left decreasing to the right.
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    143 Norma Bondstrike compare

    I got a box of 143 norma bondstrike to try out, haven't loaded any yet but laid them side by side with some other 6.5's 150-ABLR, 143-Bondstrike, 143-ELDX, 129-ABLR Then filed down the Norma and Hornady. When I get them loaded i will update with more.
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    QL for 264, barrel lengths

    OK I am looking to see how what QL shows as the difference in velocity between a 24 and 26" barrel with say a 143 ELDx Not certain on powder
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    New rifle build, 264 Win Mag

    Well I have the action, and the stock and bottom metal should be delivered tomorrow. Here is a list of parts I have decided on so far Ordered: Action- Defiance anTi Stock- Cooper walnut Bottom Metal- Stainless Steel BDL hinged Yet to finalize and order: Scope Rings- Talley Light weight Scope-...
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    Norma Handgun ammo, burns clean

    I noticed this and had to share, i am amazed on how clean it is, ideas what powder they use? Yes this is untouched fired brass. The 40s&w is just as clean, and 357 not as clean but better than most.
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    Norma Bullets

    Anyone use them? Was looking at their Oryx and Bondstrike and haven't heard much on people using them
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    Light weight mountain build, Caliber?

    So contemplating a lightweight mountain rifle build and wondering what short action caliber to lean towards, kinda wide open. Thoughts? Was thinking 308 or 284 family of cartridges.
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    Ultimate hand cannon 500 S&W

    Haven't quite figured out why I decided I needed this but the price was fair for just the pistol but it came with dies, bullet mold, 75 brass, 200+ hunters supply hard cast, 100 reloads and 60 factory loads. All together figured it was a great deal and too good to pass up. Here are a few pics...
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    New wall art

    Well the wife and kids are away on spring break and left me to watch the dogs while I'm home on days off. When she left this morning she told me not to buy any guns while she was gone. I've been holding out pretty good so far, and haven't even got to the gun show thats this weekend. But i did...
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    Scope a 22-250

    So we haven't had one of these for a while Putting together a 22-250, heavy 25" slow 1-14" twist, so shooting 50-55. I have some 52gr ELD-M that I am going to start with. What power scope and type of reticle do you put on it?
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    Bolt pistol

    So got a crazy hair up my butt and for shits and giggles i want to build one. Had a scrap of wood so even thought about doing the stock myself for a true one off custom. Some good learning curve for the inlet but got a barreled action into the prototype. Took off too much material in a couple...
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    150 ABLR for a 6.5-300WBY or ELDX

    Well I have finally managed to get my hands on some magnum primers and powder to load for my 6.5-300, and just dropped it in a new B&C stock. I picked up some of the 150 ABLR from SPS a couple months ago and I also have a few hundred 143 ELDX(pre-covid stock) I've been loading in my 260. I was...
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    Canadian Fox

    Ok the quality is far from the typical photos in this section but i just wanted to share to color difference in this fox verse what i am used to seeing down in the states. From what I've read there are many different color phases of a red fox and even the silver fox is actually a red fox. Anyone...