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    110 Accubond, 257 wby mag, and Ramshot Magnum...

    Went to the range today with some preliminary loads to look at Ramshot Magnum with the 110 gr Accubond in my 257 wby mag Vanguard SS 24 inch barrel. Brass: Norma Primer: Federal 215 M Match (magnum) Bullet: 110 Accubond O.A.L: 3.417 I'm no benchrest shooter, but I am grouping under an inch...
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    Ramshot Powders

    In Nosler's next reloading manual, I would like to see you include the Ramshot powder line in it. Specifically, Ramshot powders are not very temp sensitive, and I believe you will see more and more people taking a hard look at Ramshot Magnum, and others. The way Magnum (BigBoy) meters, I am...
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    Solid Copper bullets, etc

    I know that Nosler sells Winchester's Fail Safe, but the caliber stop at 270 CAL. Is there any move in the future to offer a failsafe in 243, 25, cal, and the 6.5 mm? In addition, I still believe the near perfect solid copper bullet has not been developed yet. Barnes is close, but I still hear...
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    25 Cal Accubond Availability?

    When will Nosler offically be selling the 110 Accubond? I have a new 257 weatherby I want to try this bullet in. :grin: