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    Nope. Not gonna do it.

    If 180 grain at 2900 fps, wonder what 212 ELD-x with the right powder would do?
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    Why do I want a 6mm ARC

    Is this like when you find interesting range brass and have to get a rifle and dies to match.
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    Discontinued: IMR Enduron powders.

    I liked IMR Green as well for pistol and cast rifle loads as it was $14 a pound. Too bad it's gone too. Sure is a lot of sludge and turmoil in everyday life now. (Been on hold for hours today trying to get help from Equifax, they finally answered, in French).
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    Discontinued: IMR Enduron powders.

    Too bad, I was getting better accuracy with 8133 in 25-270 than with Retumbo. And Cabelas of all places had it in stock.
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    Recommend a .257 Cal. bullet for a 1:14 twist (Slow Twist)

    Midsouth has 25 Caliber .257 Diameter 90 Grain CX 50 Count by Hornady I don't know as it is non lead, if the length is short enough to stabilize tho.
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    Dad's 30-06

    30-06 will do for any hunting in the US. My granddad shot prairie dogs using mil surp just after WW2 when he couldn't afford another rifle. Many elk, a bison, and a grizzly too with hunting loads later.
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    Looks all too eerily familiar...

    yup, time for trump to walk off into the sunset of history.
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    Still Think This Is A Free Country ?

    Bunch of nonsense.
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    RCBS Chargemaster LINK for pistol loads? Too slow?

    Thanks much. 20+ seconds sounds reasonable for the kind of loading I do. I use bullseye and unique for the pistol. IMR and Alliant stick for rifle.
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    RCBS Chargemaster LINK for pistol loads? Too slow?

    Powder throwers I have aren't consistent. I have heard that the RCBS charge masters are slow with tiny charges of 3 grains or so, tho accurate. Anyone have experience with the new LINK chargemaster and pistol powders?
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    Powder Valley and Taxes

    I believe if sales rise to above a certain dollar amount in a year, business must charge tax. "On June 21, 2018, the United States Supreme Court fundamentally changed the rules for collection of sales tax by Internet-based retailers. In its decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc., the Court...
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    Light weight mountain build, Caliber?

    308 Easiest and cheapest to find ammo, bullets and brass. Right now local stores have only 308, 223 and 9mm ammo for sale. A bigger diameter bore is lighter. Save several ounces over a 24, 25 or 26 cal. Short action saves 6 ounces over a long action. Use almost any powder from fast pistol to...
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    Need Some 30-06 Help

    On a real hot day after a few shots I can watch the bullets holes walk 1/2" straight up with each shot on my old Springfield. If I prop the gun barrel up in the shade with the bolt open it settles back down in a few minutes. I doubt if I was hunting I could get the meat cooled off in time...
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    .375 Ruger Compared to .375 H&H Mag

    I have been enjoying shooting my plastic Mossberg 375 with cast bullets. 285 grain with a gas check they are hitting the 100 yard target about the same place as my jacketed load and use half the powder and a $.22 cent bullet. And it doesn't kick much. Would be a good big game load for close...
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    375 RUGER

    I have the Mossberg patriot which with scope is 7 lbs and a little change. Great to carry, cheap when reloaded with cast bullets and fun to shoot. The 235 Speer bullets and 285 cast I use for rough country elk and deer as my beater rifle. Both shoot to near same spot at 100 yards. Scary recoil...
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    Where are the bullets?

    Can't be, Biden is still in office.
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    Reloading 25-06

    I have these Sinclair comparators very useful. Especially when switching between bullet brands.
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    Rating brass

    When I would get the rarer calibers, like 7x57 or 30-40. the Remington brass would come in with the most consistent weights. Frontier has been the most inconsistent. I think it is made by Hornady. Federal brass is soft, at least in 223.
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    ice cleats

    Another option for semi permanent use if you have a pair of shoes just for icy walks outside is to screw in 1/4" hex head screws. Some of the local loggers use these in their boots instead of buying stand alone...
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    Moose Attack on training dogsled team

    For sure. One reason the sled dog racer gave was the weight penalty. I know some distance athletes that if they can save a lb of weight somewhere it means they can carry the weight in the form of peanut butter, Pringles or lard for an extra days worth of calories, hence they can go farther or...