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    WTB a left handed REM 700 or M70

    My buddy is looking for a M700 left handed or a M70. He doesnt want a magnum something like 270win or 30-06 will do. Email me at thanks guys
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    WTB win model 94 stock & forearm

    I just bought a post 64 model 94 30-30 I'm looking for the wood stock and forend. Also a 19-1/4" magazine tube if anyone has some stuff laying around let me know.
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    142gr LR Accubonds

    I see midway has them in stock and SPS just sold out of the blems. DOes anyone have any of these bullets yet? They sound pretty cool i'd like to try them when i finish my 6.5SAUM build
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    300wby 210gr berger QL data needed

    im working up loads with a 300wby and 210gr hunting VLDs. Rifle is a vanguard 24" barrel and seating depth is limited to 3.560" im looking for QL data for imr7828 and H1000. Can someone please help thank you
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    Quickload info needed!!

    I am in need of some quick load data for a 270wsm 24" barrel 1-9" twist using RL33 and 165gr Matrix bullets. using 215GM primers also. Thanks for your help
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    270WSM and 150gr LRAB

    So I got 500 of the 150gr nosler LR accubonds from SPS last week and loaded a few test rounds. Loaded them up in model 70 extreme weather, loaded RL25, Fed215gm, and seated them right on the lands. My rifle has a short throat and the loaded round is only 2.935". 67.0gr 67.5gr 68.0gr...