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    My brother bought a 6.5 PRC, now I gotta load for it

    He’s got brass on the way and I’m a Hornady Custom Grade die fan. We have Reloder 26 to try first, 143 ELDX. Can anyone help with load data? 24.3” barrel, 1-8”, Nosler brass. P
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    Quick load request, 7mm-08 & 162 ELDX

    I’m thinking about a winter project of working up a 162 Eldx load for my spare Tikka 7mm-08. She shoots the 150 eldx very well, 2790 fps at the muzzle. She’s the spare and I rarely shoot her, so why not test a new load, I have plenty of components. Remington brass, WLRM, and I can load really...
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    Blem question

    So if Nosler is running at max capacity, where are all the blems? I’m used to seeing a lot more at SPS than I’ve seen in a long time. Are they making fewer mistakes? I need 50 gr BT Varmint for my .223, and 160 AB for the 7mm Rem Mag!
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    7mm-08 and the new 150 AccuBond

    I’m thinking I might want to try the new 150 gr AccuBond in the Mighty -08. Does anyone have experience with this combination? P
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    Anyone using the 150 AB in a 7mm Rem Mag?

    So I see Nosler has a new 7mm Accubond bullet in 150 grains. I’m thinking about it paired with Reloader 26 at close to 3200 fps out on a 24.3” Tikka. Anyone have load data for this combo? P
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    70 grain Accubond in a 1-8” .223?

    I just bought 500 seconds from SPS. Does anyone have load data for this bullet in a .223? Might be fun for deer. P
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    QL request, 7mm-08 and 162 Eldx

    I have a great load using the 150 eldx (2790 FPS, little bitty groups) but I keep hearing that the 162 eldx might be a better choice for longer ranges. I load the 162 in a couple of 7mm Rem Mags at 2986 fps, with great on-game performance as well. So what does QL say about the 162 in the...
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    QL request, .223 & 70 gr RDF, Varget

    CCI400 primer, Remington cases, no idea the case volume. 22 7/16" barrel. What does QL suggest for the max load? Thanks, P
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    Load help, 70 gr RDF in a .223

    I'm looking for some information with loading Nosler's 70 gr RDF bullet in a 1-8" Tikka .223 Superlite. I'd like to shoot out to 700 yards or so and the published BC is .416, which interests me greatly. I loaded 24.5 gr of TAC at various seating depths but got inconsistent results. I have...
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    7mm-08 150 ELDX

    Three shots, three mulie bucks, 217, 170, 102 yards. Farthest recovery was 35 feet. All bullets exited. 2798 fps mv. Sorry I couldn't show a pic. The tenderloins were delicious. P
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    Reloader 26 and 160 NAB 7mm Rem Mag

    Hornady has data for RL26 and 162 ELDX, but Nosler has no data for RL26 and 160 NAB (I called). I hear RL26 is the bee's knees in the 7mm Rem Mag. Anyone have experience with it and the 160 NAB? P
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    .30-06, Hunter powder, 178 ELD-X

    I use Hunter for my 168 BT and 180 PT/NAB loads. Anyone have any data on the 178 ELD-X with Hunter? P
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    Neck sizing question

    I currently load for 2 7mm Rem Mags, both Tikkas. I have a bunch of once-fired brass, all Remington. Most of it (2/3) was fired in Tikka 1, the rest in Tikka 2. If I neck size only and the brass chambers easily in both rifles, am I good to go or do I still need to FL resize? I'll make sure...
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    165 NAB, 178 ELD-X Quickload requests

    I have a great load for my .30-06 but it doesn't shoot worth a hoot in my brother's rifle. I'm looking for options and I've settled on either 165 Accubond or 178 ELD-X. 22.5" barrel WLRM primer Remington brass 165 NAB either Big Game or Hunter 178 ELD-X Hunter Can someone run some magic for...
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    .308 v. 7mm-08 Varget max load question

    I need some help understanding the difference between max charges for these cartridges. The max charge of Varget for the .308 using 150 AB or Partition loaded to 2.800" is 46.5 grains. The max charge of Varget for the 7mm-08 using 150 AB or Partition loaded to 2.800" is 41 grains. The 7mm-08...
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    QL request, 7mm Rem Mag, H1000, 162 ELD-X

    24" barrel, Remington brass, WLRM. Thanks in advance P
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    70 grain RDF in a .223?

    The search function didn't bring anything up, my apologies if I didn't do it right. I just bought a few 70 grain Nosler RDF bullets to try in my 1-8" T3 .223. Anyone have a good load? P
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    150 grain ELD-X and 7mm-08

    I got 2 boxes of the new 150 grain ELD-X bullets from Santa. Anyone have experience loading these bullets in a 7mm-08? I have Big Game, Hunter, and Varget. I swapped the SA bolt stop on my Tikka Superlite for a LA stop and I reached the lands at 2.987". On the left is my main load, 140 NP...
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    7mm 160 grain Accubond actual BC?

    My brother is trying to validate his drop at distance using my reloads in his 7mm Rem Mag. He was consistently low (7 shots) 1 MOA at 600 yards. Given Nosler's tendency to overstate BC, how accurate is the published .531 for the 160 NAB? P
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    2 Quickload requests, both 7mm Rem Mag

    I'm thinking about transitioning to the Hornady ELD-X in my brother's T3 7mm Rem Mag. I bought a box each of 162 grain and 175 grain. I use MagPro with the 160 Accubond and Retumbo with 180 VLD Hunting. How do these powders fare with the 162 and 175 ELD-X? Remington brass WLRM 24" barrel...