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    Range day!

    First time i have shot a gun this year and man it feels good to get out. I bought a marlin lever action chambered in 44 magnum several months ago and finally got to put it through the paces Got a whole box through and I have to say that is one sweet smooth shooting rifle. Incredibly accurate...
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    New rifle!

    Was able to get a new rifle today! Buddy at work is moving and wanted to sell off his 44. Basically brand new 1894 marlin 44. Stoked because i can use this sucker to deer hunt in Ohio. Itching to get out to the range! Sent from my LG-H918 using Tapatalk
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    Tough season

    So far, this season is TOUGH. Why? Few reasons. I am from Florida, where there are more deer than people but on average most deer weigh less than 150. I'm hunting in central Ohio where I am stationed. Hunting a leased soybean plot, which was just tilled and mixed with manure. Tough break...
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    Meat storage?

    So if youre like me, you dont appreciate the taste of freezer burned meat. So to avoid that I am investing in a vacuum sealer. What brand or model would you all suggest. Whether from experience or from what your friends or family have used. Not letting ANYTHING go to waste again! Links would be...
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    Hunters in training

    Was finally able to get my 9 year old daughter out to the shooting range for the first time. She handled the rifle spectacularly! She did bettet than I expected in every aspect. She was able to safely and accurately cycle the weapon, and when faced with malfunction, she knew when help was...
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    Opening day

    Its a beautiful day for the Ohio deer season opener! Unfortunately I am not able to participate but do wish good luck to all those hunting today! Safe and successful hunting to all! Sent from my LG-H918 using Tapatalk
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    I ordered a new scope today since my last one broke on me. Before I reveal what I bought, what would anyone here suggest for a man on a budget? The scope is for a run of the mill ar-15 used mostly for 50-300 yd shooting and some coyote and hog hunting as well I know I could spend 1500 on a...
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    Hunting packs

    As my itch to get in the woods grows I was reading through my post of my first deer ever last year. Remembering every detail of the day I finally harvested thst first doe. I also remember how ill prepared I was as well. I had my license, permit, buck knife, shot gun and a few extra shells...
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    Muzzle loader barrel

    Does anyone use the muzzle loader/black powder barrel on their maverick 88 or Mossberg 500? I have one that was given to me along with some powerbelt projectiles and triple seven 50 grain pellets. The powder pellets and bullets are compatible and do have limited load data for each bullet. My...
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    Getting the itch!!!

    As hunting season comes closer, I find myself more and more excited. Spending time on YouTube watching folks on their hunts' grinning ear to ear! This year I'm hoping to earn my first buck with my grandfathers old Bear bow. But I also have to admit, I'm really wanting to experience a hog hunt...
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    Hatsan arms

    Anybody know much about shotguns branded Escort by Hatsan? I know they are made in Turkey and ive seen some ok reviews. Does anyone own one and have some comments or advice to make about them? Sent from my LG-H830 using Tapatalk
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    Tree stands

    Something I never really thought about was the requirement for a tree stand. I always plopped a squat in front of a tree trunk and waited. As I start to get older the comfort of a stand is a needed luxury. Not to mention the increased line of sight and other benefits that come with a stand. But...
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    Springfield 84 c

    So this rifle was given to me almost 10 years ago basically in pieces and over the course of the last 2 years or so I have been refurbishing it. That gun was quite a mess. So I refinished the stock, removed the rust from the barrel and reblued it and today I decided to assemble the gun. Here's...
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    Shotgun for the wife

    Looking to buy my wife her first shotgun. Only problem is that she's such a small stature that its hard to find a dependable weapon that she can handle. Most of my guns are too big. The models I have are Mossberg maverick 88, Mossberg 935 , Remington model 11, all of which are too long because...
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    Ar build

    Hello all. I'm attempting my first ar build and its becoming a bit aggravating. Its based on an 80% arms lower that was milled out to their specified dimensions. Using a midway USA ar stoner upper, barrel and lower parts kit. Now the problem I'm running into is I installed the trigger and...
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    Coyote hunting

    Currently in central Ohio, where the weather has been a roller coaster this year! A few if buddies and me have been hunting some coyotes, but havent had much luck. We know they are in the area, and have found plenty of evidence to substantiate their presence. Rib cages from dead, a skunk...
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    Ar-10 malfunctioning

    Hey guys, so I'm having a problem with my ar and its driving me nuts. Its been something that has been happening pretty much since I unboxed it. Stupid me didn't sent it back and say fix it. Not sure if they will at this point. Anyhow, its a palmetto state arms basic ar10. No upgrades as far as...
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    Central Ohio hunters

    I'm hoping to find some decent hunting land to finish out the season over the next couple months. Has anyone hunted some decent public land in central ohio, or know of some decent public land? I had a blast with my doe experience but am also looking to shoot my first buck too Sent from my...
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    If you had your choice...

    What would your preferred straightwall cartridge be, and why?the most common I hear are: 45 70 govt 357 magnum 444 I'm looking for a rifle for next gun season, and don't know what my range could be. Probably 200 yards max. What are your thoughts? Sent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk
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    First deer

    Shot my first deer ever this season in central ohio! 12 gauge slug. She walked up right behind me and made me work for the shot. She's not huge but is my first. Still looking for some land easy of Columbus to hunt for my first buck. Maybe next season! Sent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk