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    308 Loads

    Hi - I've asked for help on the forum so I thought I would post some info that hopefully could help someone else. My goto for 308 is a 165 Nosler BT over 45gr of Varget. In a 22" Ruger 77 I get 2700fps and it is super accurate. I also have a 20" Hill Country Harvester Plus that gets 2640fps...
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    Need Some 30-06 Help

    Hi - I am looking for some help with my 30-06. I have an old Remington 725 with a 22" barrel. I believe this gun has the 1/10 twist. I've always shot 180grain factory loads out of it with good results. Mostly good results for killing deer, I never really put a lot of rounds through it...
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    243 Win Help

    Hope everyone is having a great holiday/hunting season. I have a question about reloading the 243. I am trying to work up some 100gr Nosler Partition loads. I am using Nosler manual 8 and they list 47gr max for H1000. When I try to load 45 grains at a slightly deeper seating depth (2.668 vs...
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    7mm Rem Mag Help

    Hi- I am new to the forum. I have found a lot of great info here and was hoping to get some more. I am reloading for my 7mm Rem Mag using the old partition gold 160gr moly free bullets. I had them loaded up with h1000 and got good accuracy out of a 24" Sako a7. Velocity was right around...