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    250 gr 9.3mm E-tips

    Since 250 AB's are dang near impossible to find, how about the E-tips? Any experience to share with reloading, terminal performance in the 9.3x62? Thanks,
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    AR15, 223, 69 CC and CFE223?

    Looking to put together a quick and dirty zombie load (zombie competition) using the 69 CC and CFE. Nosler is not showing any data for the load. Hodgdon, yes, but hoping to hear from some folks who have tried the combo and what their results was. Thanks, Big Al
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    Has any one duplicated 300 WSM 165 BT data with H380?

    The Nosler data says H380 with the 165/168 gr bullets is the most accurate powder tested. Has any followed suit and if so what was your results? Alan
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    100 gr 6.5mm Partition on Elk

    I happen to have about 300 of these I picked up at the ProShop for a song. They give excellent accuracy in my 6.5x47 running 3325 fps, 18 es, 7 sd and 5-shots within 1 MOA. Would you use them on elk? If so, under what parameters? Thanks, Alan
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    Nosler 140 gr CC 6.5mm

    How do they shoot? Planning on using them in my 6.54x47 Lapua. Alan
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    250 gr 9.3mm BT

    Hey Nosler, Please bring back the 250 gr 9.3mm Ballistic Tip. I promise to buy lots of the them for practice and shooting lighter game. The AB is just too expensive to buy for practice. I think you'll make plenty of money doing so. You already have the tooling for it; right? Alan
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    257 Partitions, 115 gr vs 120 gr

    On my quest for the Holy Grail in my new 257 Roberts; 1:10 twist, 24" Krieger. Starting to wonder about the 115 and 120 gr Partitions. Other than the obvious 5 gr difference, .002 BC difference and .011 SD difference, what would help a guy decide on one over the other. My intended quarry is...
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    Grizzly, rifle or handgun, 5 seconds to choose!

    I want to run a scenario past you. You're in Alaska on a guided hunt. You have a Grizzly tag in your pocket and it is the intneded game. The weather is pleasant, mild breeze from in your face. Your relaxed, sitting next to your guide who has his 40+ caliber bear medicine with open sights...
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    9.3x62, 250 AB on Brown Bear

    Simple, would the Nosler experts use the 250 Accubond in the 9.3x62, approximately 2500-2600 fps, on Brown Bear? If not, then what bullet and why?
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    30-06 Ackley Improved really humming

    The following is a set of reloading options and techniques which, take it or leave it, is outside the normal thinking when it comes to reloading. I was turned onto this idea by a gentleman on At first, like many, I was skeptical and unbelieving. With an open mind...
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    Moving from Win brass to either Norma, Lapua or Nosler

    I've used Win brass for years. Plan on trying either Norma, Lapua or Nosler brass. I'm not so much worried about quality with the 3; it's the volume I'm concerned about. The Nosler web site they are heavier than Win/Rem. The Nosler tech rep said they were on par with Win. I'm looking to keep...
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    Your experiences w/ Rel 19 vs 22 in 30-06 w/ 180 gr

    Been reloading since 1974 and the 30-06 since 1975. No novice! Rem 700 w/ ultra light, 22", 550" diameter barrel at the muzzle. Have lots of experience with the 4350's, 4831's, H4895 and H414. Want to try the Reloaders (19 and 22) using both the Hornady 180 Interlocks and Nos 180 BT's. I...
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    Pic of 180 BT and AB sectioned

    I love my 180 AB's and BT's in my 30-06. These pics, to me, prove the BT will perform well in Elk at '06 velocities and that it has been "beefed up" as has been posted by some but not trusted by many. ... &fpart=all I can practice and shoot Elk with the...
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    Locating 30 cal Solid Base bullets

    Other than Nosler's web site, where might I obtain 180 gr 30 cal SB bullets? I've tried on various web sites that typically cater to shooters as well as 1-2 wholesalers (I've got an FFL).
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    Setting up a Drop Camp Hunt

    Not this year (2005), but next, a good friend and I are planning an Elk hunt utilizing an outfitter's services for a drop camp hunt. We both have all the camping equipment necessary. It's the means to get all that gear back into and then out of, to include meat (hopefully), an area away from the...
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    BT and CT Silvertip differences

    Other than $2.00 per box, tip color and black color on the CT ST, what is the difference?