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    RCBS Chargemaster LINK for pistol loads? Too slow?

    Powder throwers I have aren't consistent. I have heard that the RCBS charge masters are slow with tiny charges of 3 grains or so, tho accurate. Anyone have experience with the new LINK chargemaster and pistol powders?
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    Kimber bore guide?

    Bought 2 different bore guides at Cabelas, both the Cabela's experts said would fit- Tipton the most recent one. Locking collar too big to fit in the bolt. Anyone know of a bore guide for a Kimber Hunter?
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    Quickload request 25-284, Staball 6.5, Nosler 115 BT

    Have a can of Staball 6.5. If that powder is now included with Quickload, would someone please run some data? Barrel 24" OAL 2.8" 115 Nosler BT 25-284 Thanks
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    tight inside neck after sizing down for wildcat

    25 caliber made from 28 caliber full sized once fired brass from friend who shot it in his 28 cal Problem ---the lee trim gauge which normally works, won't fit inside the brass tried running just the expander thru the brass, still no go it is the same brand of brass I always use and I have...
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    Another 35 Remington Question, Loads for Semi Auto Rem 81?

    Friend inherited a Rem Model 81 semi auto. Are there limitations as to the loads and bullets needed to function in this form of semi? Can Spitzers, Cast or Pistol bullets work? Limitations on powder speed like a Garand or AR? I assume full sizing is a good idea. Anything else?
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    powder valley has some Staball and other WW powders

    Looks like they are in. stock for the moment. ... aball-6-5/
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    308 How much do you back off when you see pressure signs?

    Have a new rifle and new brass so don't have much history to go on. Brass is NT brand and holds 3 grains less of IMR 4895 than WW brass. Military brass, so I anticipated having to drop down a grain or two. Nosler data for 168 BT, Nolser Brass, shows max at 43 grains, 2708 fps When I hit 42...
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    Saw RX26 for sale- $$$$

    Local guy has an 8# jug of Reloder 26. Always wanted to try some. Asking just $850. Maybe I should ask him if he'll trade for a tray of primers.
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    Bass Pro just bought Sportsman's Warehouse

    Cabelas has had meager reloading supplies since Bass Pro bought them. (None now) . Sportsman's always had better prices and quantity. Looks like thats about to end too. Sad. The little independent shops have gone out of business around here or quite stocking much.
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    Never mind

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    Stores out of 308 Winchester

    It is almost deer season and I was at the local two places nearby that sell ammo and noticed the shelves completely bare of 308. There were one of two boxes of 30-06, 30-40 krag, and lots of 223 as well as quite a bit of other calibers. You just never know what ammo or components will running...
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    Heavy Brass, How much adjustment to powder charge?

    Bought some 308 NT brass. It weighs about 183 grains. It holds 49.3 grains of IMR 4895 to the top. My Winchester brass weighs 159 grains. It holds 52.5 grains of the IMR 4895. I am looking at 150 grain Accubond bullets and the Hodgdon site calls for a compressed charge at max for WW cases...
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    30-06 and Staball, again, with 150 Ballistic Tip

    :roll: From the Hodgdon site, 3128 fps. That's moving. Stretches the point blank range way out past those heavy high bc bullets.
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    30-06 and 225 ELD-M?

    What would the ballistics look like for a 30-06 running the 225 grain ELD-M with a BC of .777? How do the heavy match bullets fair on big game? Would this combination hit the jackpot?
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    Nosler made famous in a poem

    Waddie Mitchell, Cowboy poet has a line in one of poems about "the Nosler's Kiss".
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    Loads for Heavy Bullets in 308?

    So I had an accurate load using 220 grain Sierra Round Nose and H450 ball powder. Misc. components I had inherited. 3 shot 1/2 to 3/4 inch groups running 2100 fps out of an 18" barrel. So I was wondering if anyone has experience with 180 (AB or BT) or 208 (Amax) grain bullets and slow powders...
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    Suppressors for hunting in WA and other questions

    Lots of shooters at the range are using suppressors these days. It is legal in Washington state to use them now for targets and it sounds like for hunting too? I haven't seen any hunters with cans on their guns. Anyone confirm? Since they are spendy and a slow process to purchase, I am thinking...
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    When to retire tumbling media?

    New to tumbling cases. Have been using walnut media and it seem like it is no longer cleaning up the neck of cases. Does the media eventually get so rounded it doesn't work well? When do you replace the media?
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    Charge weights for differing brands/weights of cases?

    I bought some Graff brass for my 30-40 Krag chambered Handi Rifle. It weighs 14+ grains more than the Winchester cases I have been using. Besides working up loads and watching for pressure signs and comparing velocities, does anybody have any estimation how much this might effect the charge...
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    Need load data for Hornady 212 eld-x for 30-06

    The nearby Ace hardware store has these on sale half price so I bought a couple of boxes. I can't find any specific load data and since they are longer even than the 210 Noslers, I would like recipes for the Hornady. Powders I have in the range for heavy -06 are R17, IMR4350, (and some H450...