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    Counting My Chickens Before They're Hatched

    Haven't even started a new job yet... New Remingtons are not to be found anymore. So I'm thinking about picking up a heavy barreled .243 coyote/LR steel/play rifle. My initial thought was an SPS-V. But I'm thinking of other options... Howa being first on the list. I can get a McMillan A-series...
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    .17 Remington Fireball?

    Anybody have one? If so, how does it shoot? Is it finicky? Does it need to be kept spotlessly clean like the standard .17 Remington? Any loading idiosyncrasies, other than sausage fingers trying to guide tiny little bullets?
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    Get 'em Started Early!

    Nolan and I went to Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge to do a little birding, and I couldn't pass up this pic. Apparently, Nolan has commandeered my Minox 8x compact binos... At least he left me my Nikon 7x binos...
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    .300 H&H Model 70.... New chambering

    All I looked at were Sporters and EWs...
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    Man I want this...

    But not for $1.5k... ... =379226755 Should have bought one when they were still building 'em...
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    Remington 788

    I think I may be getting around to upgrading the 788 6mm soon... Timney trigger, new glass, and new mounts-if I can find something different that I like. I see that EGW makes a rail, there's Weaver bases, and Redfield makes a one piece windage-adjustable base. Since I don't really like w/a...
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    'bout had to cry...

    My dad has a buddy who wheels and deals guns. He's helping to clean up an estate of a guy who had a pretty big collection. If I would have been working, I woulda walked out of there with a pre-64 '06 (excuse me, a '.30 Govt '06')... maybe pre-war. A Whitworth .375 Mauser, an Interarms MK X 7x57...
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    I've been hunting elk for 26 years without success. Some years I put more effort than others, but I usually get out for at least a little bit. I figured this year, with being out of work and all, I would put in a day of hunting, just as a social thing, then go back to looking for work. So...
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    Gonna break down and load some for my .243

    80 gr. TTSX and 90 gr. AB. Any reason to try anything other than H4350 to start out with?
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    Which one...

    Assuming equivalent bullet types... ie. 40 BTs vs 55 BTs or 60 Partition vs 100 Partition, and similar rates of fire, is a .243 going to last longer than a .22-250? To put it in another, more gun crank manner, which one am I going to waste first?
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    Interesting And Beautiful Wedding Dresses

    Die spammer scum!
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    .270 Wizzum owners, can I ask a favor?

    Could somebody measure OD of a sized case mouth; a fired, unsized case mouth; and a case mouth with a seated bullet? I am going to be loading some cases that I thought were .270 WSM but are marked 7 WSM. I don't know if I got some 7 WSM cases that somebody resized to .270, mistakenly was given 7...
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    Nice M70 .257 Whelen at the 'fire... ... /6518640/1
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    Redding sizers... my head is spinning

    So I just got a screaming deal on a Redding micrometer seating die, now I need a sizing die. I thought I might try a bushing die, but between being tired and all the choices at Midway, my skull feels as though it's going to explode. I was thinking I might try a bushing die, but I have for...
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    What is wrong with people? ... _ruger.htm A Hogue stock? On a Number 1? Why?
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    Whelen M700 at the 'fire... ... elu#UNREAD
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    Stainless Target II .38 Super

    I'm thinking I might need one of these, and maybe a 10mm down the road. Anybody have any experience with them? ... -target-ii
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    I'm not a huge Ruger fan, but this is interesting... ... BLK%20LAM/ The only problem with it that I see is the 24" barrel... I know that ballistics wise there's not that much of a difference, but I want my .264 to have at least a 26" barrel.
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    Lake Tahoe/Reno

    What to see/do? Spending the better part of a week there at the end of the month, and might need to see some gun stuff. Oh yeah, getting married, too. (Thus, the need to escape into gun stuff! :) )
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    Oh Fotis, do you have a new toy to tell us about?

    Saw on the other board that you are getting a little box of happiness today. Do you have it yet?