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    Might be an age old question

    I am a 7mm slut. Hope to add a 7mmPRC to heavy platform, love my 7mmRM, liked the 7mm08 but my real sweetheart is the 280ai. We get along real nice.
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    Of all your rigs

    Much prefer to reload the 6mmRem over the 243 for sure.
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    Way past reloading 101

    Is there a favourite child?
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    Of all your rigs

    Of all your rigs, is there one cartridge you just really don’t like loading for. For me it used to be the 22.250 before I got rid of it. Liked the cartridge but case stretch was painful.
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    Why do you reload?

    I was taught by my father 40 years ago from shotgun through to centrefires. My boys now know how to do it to. When I first started, always thought it was more accurate, not so sure now. Manufacturers have lifted their game and product offerings…and sometimes it’s just nice to know how schit...
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    7mm Mag ladder / IMR 4831

    I used that same bullet with 64 grains of RL22 in my 7mm RM. Probably not the fastest out there but damn it was an accurate load. Great bullet too, never caught one, they always went through. Lots of damage though so well placed bullets meant the critters didn't go to far.
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    Quick Load for the 6mm Remington

    That is fantastic, thank you very much. I think 3,500fps with good accuracy is plenty. Chasing another 100fps or thereabouts and groups opening up isn't worth it. Much appreciated Dr Mike :)
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    Quick Load for the 6mm Remington

    My guess is that the 42 grains of Varget will be running somewhere around 3,500 fps.
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    Quick Load for the 6mm Remington

    Thanks Dr Mike, I think I have confused the issue and hope I haven't been a pain. I couldn't get the H4895 to shoot but did with the Varget. The loads of 42 and 43.5 that showed promise was with Varget. Could I please indulge on you for this as well. I should have been more clear. Interestingly...
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    Quick Load help for the Swede

    Thanks Dr Mike. Looks like that 48 grain load will be the one. No apparent bolt lift issues or primer issues as the loads went up. in fact the primers looked the same as he worked up from 45 grains in half grain increments. The confidence he now has in this rifle will be something he carries...
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    Quick Load for the 6mm Remington

    It has been a great rifle. Boringly accurate if there is a such a thing. But also a really good rifle to experiment with because you know what it is capable of. Also kinda cool because the old 6mm Rem doesn’t get much press or love these days despite it being a really capable little round.
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    Quick Load for the 6mm Remington

    Sorry to impose a second time. I was also testing the 6mm Rem with 70 grain Nosler BT's just to mix it up. I was running Varget which seemed to give me better groups than the H4895 I originally started with. The rifle is a Remington VLS with a 26 inch barrel. I have tidy group at 42 grains and...
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    Quick Load help for the Swede

    Hi Guys, I recently bought a Tikka T3 for my son in 6.5x55. It has a 22 inch barrel and shoots beautifully with the Hornady 129sst using Norma brass. He has two accuracy nodes, 1 at 48 grains of H4813sc and one at 49.5 grains of H4813sc. The cartridge is to the industry C.O.L. I ma just...
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    338WM & 225grain projectiles

    I have been looking at the various reloading manuals and there seems to be some wide ranging expectations around this bullet weight and velocities. Recipes seem to vary from mid 2,700fps up to almost 3,000fps. What is a realistic expectation staying within the Saami limitations? Thoughts?
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    243 Win/IMR 4350/95 GR Nosler BT

    I also use H4350 at 42 grains. Works a treat and is a sub moa recipe in my wife’s ruger.
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    7mm 120 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip

    I have two 243's and was thinking of rebarreling one and was tossing up 6.5 creedmore or 7mm-08. There is just so much to like about the 7-08 as a hunting round. Congrats to your wife.
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    7mm Remington mag.

    Agreed, in the 6mm Rem with 95 and 100 grain bullets it is lethal, and very accurate in my rifle.
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    280ai 150ELD-X Quick Load

    Biggest deer locally is the red. I wanted this rifle to be the first one I grab for everything from wild dogs up. 400 yards would be a long shot for the majority of places I hunt.
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    280ai 150ELD-X Quick Load

    Mark that is great, thank you. I originally worked up a load using 58 grains of H4813sc which was also very accurate, but was also very compressed. Part of the attraction of the current work up is that there appears to be a fair amount of room in the case. 57 grains will give circa 100fps by...
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    280ai 150ELD-X Quick Load

    Mark that is really great, thank you for taking the time to help me out. All the best (y)