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    Ramshot magnum

    JB convinced me to try it also. It performs just as you stated in my 257 wby mag vanguard. In fact, I may have been the first to run Magnum thru my Vanguard, as I purchased the first 257 wby on the shelf when they came out. With a 100 grain TSX, I could get 3600 fps out of it, I settled on a...
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    .260 Rem...POP ??

    PowerStroke, you wont get 3500 fps with 100 gr bullets...grin, but if you ever get a chance, give Ramshot Hunter a try in the 260 Rem. Mine loves that powder.
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    .260 & 130 Gr A-Bond

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    Nosler Reloading Manual #6.

    Iagree, the new manual needs to include the Ramshot line of powders. I believe a whole bunch of us would be using more Ramshot powder if Nosler took the time to include them. The way they meter to nice, Ramshot is certainly a newer powder well worthy of inclusion.
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    257 weatherby and ramshot magnum

    That was me who developed a load with Ramshot Magnum (bigboy).\\ 76 grains of Magnum with Fed 215M primers, 100 gr TSX, and a chrony speed of 3594 fps 10 ft from the muzzle. I was not at max, but close. Magnum meters like a champ. Good powder.
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    257 WBY Vanguard (NOSLER)

    I also have the SS version. Mine shoots the accubond at around 3/4 inch at 100 yards which is plenty accurate for a hunting load. Hope that helps. I've also got loads worked up using the 100 gr TSX, and the heavier version. The 100 TSX chrony's at 3586 fps. That is not max, but I saw no reason...
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    257 WBY Vanguard (NOSLER)

    Greg, I also load for a Vanguard in 257 wby. Agree with the others, you will only loose 20-30 fps per inch on barrel length. Frankly, at 257 wby speeds you will never notice the difference between a 24 inch and 26 inch barrel. Sure the 26 inch barrel will be faster, but only by a whopping 40-60...
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    I want one in 243 caliber, 6.5 cal, and 7mm cal. Also, give me the lighter weights as I want velosity in my 7mm-08, and 240 wby. Nice job Nosler, you will get my business. I'm tired of Barnes BS anyway.
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    7mm Rem. Mag. Barrel Life and Accuracy

    I'd put a new barrel on it before I would consider doing any blueprinting, etc. Best return for your dollar. period
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    Need a newer small caliber. Any ideas?

    The 240 wby I have will bring a smile to your face. Flat shooting, no recoil, unusual cartridge, of which I like , and a reloaders cartridge, of which I am. Hits hard with authority, like the 25-06, but less recoil. With a 100 grain partition like mentioned earlier, it's my hog gun.
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    Nosler, Make My Accubond

    The 100 grain partition in my 240 wby is my wild Hog load. Works every time.
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    accubond and elk

    Excellent hunt, boys. Good bullet choice also.
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    Barnes TSX FAILURES.

    I have the TSX loaded in several of my rifles, but I made the decision that the TSX is for Elk size game and above. For deer, I remain convinced cup and core, and bonded bullets are the way to go. I want my bullet on thin skinned game to expend most of it's energy "within" the animal. I've poked...
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    Weatherby or Tikka?

    I personally have a Vanguard and would pick it any day of the week over the Tikka. Why? Because Tikka's are ugly looking to me, the clip is junk, and I dont like European style stocks. The Vanguard may only guareentee 1.5, but mine shoots everything easily under an inch. And you Conveinently...
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    Nosler, Make My Accubond

    100-115 gr accubond for the 260 Rem, a 125 grain for the 7mm-08
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    2007 Wishlist.

    How about a 125 grain Accubond in 7mm?
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    Mule Deer

    I've got one of those shorty Vanguards in 257 wby. With today's powders, I easily get in excess of 3600 fps out of it with a 100 gr TSX. I also have a 25-06AI I built, fact is, the 257 wby out of a 24 inch barrel, easily outperforms my 25-06AI. Remember, you can always rebarrel later to a 26...
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    25-06 Ackley Imp?

    The new TSX opens up alot better than the older X bullets....I hated the older X bullets also. As for poop stinking, I shoot more Nosler's than others so you arent effecting me at all. Just because this is Nosler's forum doesnt mean you cant speak to other bullets. In fact, Nosler likes it...
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    6.5 accubonds

    Maybe what we need is a 115 grain Accubond coming out of the 260 Rem, or 6.5 x 55. Flat trajectory, and hard enough hitting. I believe I can get a 120 grain moving at 2950 fps out of my 23 inch barreled Steyr 260 Rem. That would make for a great hunting configuration.