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    QuickLoad Request for a 260REM

    Hey Guys, Working on a round for my new Hart Barreled 260REM. Requesting your help with a couple bullets. 1.) Hornady 6.5mm, 129gr, Interbond. #26209 2.) Barnes 6.5mm LRX, 127gr, #30228 3.) Barnes 6.5mm TTSX, 120gr, #30242 Powder: H4350 Primer: Rem Large Rifle Case: Alpha Brass Barrel: Hart...
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    QuickLoad Request for 260 Rem, 129G ABLR

    Fellow Reloaders, Hope all is well out is Nosler reloading land and I hope Santa is bringing everyone Venison Backstrap for Christmas dinner! I have a request for one of Santa's elves who has the quickload program. I would like to please ask for a simulation of 2 powders I am considering for...
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    Nosler Please Help - No 260 REM Brass anywhere

    Well That is not completely true, I found some on Gunbroker marked up to $75/50, but I can't find it anywhere else at list price. Is it in that high a demand, or is the brass being displaced by the Nosler 26 and the other 6.5mms. Nosler brass is simply put, the best, but it is so difficult to...
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    260 Rem Quickload request

    Been Lurking for a bit and figured I would finally make my first post. I am a 260 Rem diehard. Just love this caliber. Great on whitetails, and a dream to load and shoot. First got one about 11 years ago for my son as his first rifle, and been sold ever since. Now have 5 Abolt IIs in the safe...