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    Choke Tubes

    I have Carlson's and Briley for a Browning an a Remington. I like 'em both. Though the Briley extended models I bought for shooting clays are awfully cool, with their color coded ends. I MIGHT have gone a little overboard, what with IC, LM, Mod, IM, LF and Full. When I get back into...
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    JES rebore 35 Whelen

    Best use of a .270 ever.
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    Top 5 wildcat cartridges of all time, so says field and stre

    I can't say I'm too butthurt about the list... I probably would have included the Whelen over the Lott, but apparently the .458 has changed the PH world more significantly then the Whelen has change the NA market. And AIs are different critters than wildcats, so I'm not bent out of shape by the...
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    Let's buy the perfect out west gun.

    I completely understand the 'need' for a new rifle.... Not knowing your buddy's likes, we're kind of operating blind, but if I only had an '06 and wanted something deer/antelope class, I'd probably be looking at the .243/6.5 Creedmoor/7-08 class. You mentioned Tikka (which I have absolutely no...
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    M70 Featherweight 7x57

    Thanks, buddy!
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    Remington Bankrupt!?!

    If they're looking for suggestions, 700 Mountain Rifle (wood stock, no DBM), 700Ti, and 870 Wingmasters with metal triggerguards.... .222, 6mm, .260, and .280 rifles with decent twists...
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    M70 Featherweight 7x57

    Thanks, buddy! Like I said, I missed you reprobates!
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    Gentlemen; I'd like to introduce Alice - She's naked

    Yeah, fire season was something, wasn't it? I didn't work for almost two weeks. I was 'evacuated' for about the same amount of time. I drove home during the day and got a bunch of stuff done... I got probably 300 .45 ACPs, 500 9mm, and 450 .380s all ready to charge and seat bullets in. Wet...
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    M70 Featherweight 7x57

    Hello, Doc! I forgot my password, and was unable to log on. That awesome Fotis guy pulled some strings and got me a new password. Sure have missed this place. Do you guys still torture Scotty with new and interesting rifles?
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    M70 Featherweight 7x57

    That sounds like a fantastic rifle! What could be better, an M70 in a slightly offbeat chambering?
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    Time to upgrade scope mounts

    I like Leupy Dual Dovetail mounts. I'd like Talleys more but between being a genetic freak (nearly 15" LOP and I still have to slide the scope way forward) and having a bunch of scopes with fat oculars they don't always work well for me.
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    22-250 Ackley Improved Advice

    I don't have any answers for you, but it sounds like a cool rifle! At some point (probably after I fry a factory .22-250 barrel) I'd like to get a relatively fast twist barrel in .22.250AI.
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    What I want for 2017...........

    Hey David! Sounds good, though I'd rather have a Sporter or Featherweight rather than a Supergrade....
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    Projects for a cold winter

    This thread reminds me, I need to get a bunch of triggers replaced. Probably going to swap out the scope on my lighter 7 WSM for something else... The Conquest that's on it has always given me fits. Need to get scopes mounted on two M70 short mags, a .270 and a heavier 7 WSM.
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    Which rifles are on your wish list?

    Yeah, it's just a matter of getting it done. Too many other things to pay for/off.
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    SWFA tactical scopes. Any experience with these?

    I'd like to give the 3/15x a try....
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    Which rifles are on your wish list?

    I won't be buying any anytime soon, but... An original 700 Varmint in .222 A new 700 Varmint of some sort in .22-250 Weatherby Vanguard n .240 Weatherby Mag A sportier of some sort in .260 A tacticool rifle in 6.5x47 Lapua Old School Remington Mountain Rifle in .280 Kimber Montana in .280 AI M70...
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    In need of some serious help guys!

    Looks like you just invented a new break-in procedure! LOL
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    Damn, you ruined a perfectly good McMillan by not getting a purple McSwirley!
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    Pac-Nor order specs

    Just make sure you/PacNor is clear on which .280AI chamber they are cutting... When Nosler first introduced it, there was a little confusion as far as a few important dimensions (what those might be I don't recall).