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    375 Ruger Barrel

    Doesn't someone want a ER Shaw 26" #5 Stainless .375 Ruger Barrel for a Winchester Model 70? I just want everything else.
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    338-06 AI & M70 Questions

    Hello, I'm wanting to build a long throated 338-06AI. •Left Hand M70 CRF Clone Long Action • 26" barrel. • Some sort of hunting weight Composite Stock • Wyatt Extended Bottom Metal I'm curious to see what the best possible performance may be. Looking at the SAMMI specs on the 338-06 A...
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    Stock Choices for R700LH SA Clone

    Hello, I'm trying to decide what stock to put on my 700 to use hunting, and also working up loads on the bench. I'd Prefer something that isn't as heavy as my AI 2.0, which is great on the table, but not so portable for stand hunting. I've looked at the Manners & the McMillan, and even the...