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    2018 white tail deer hunt

    My first 3 deer I was sitting on the ground leaning on stumps or trees. NYDAN has enlighten me to year round prep for deer season and its rewards. Thankful for the opportunity to learn from an experienced hunter! I dreaded field dressing the buck this year but I've seen it done many times and...
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    2018 white tail deer hunt

    So this year I was able to hunt again with NYDAN and his awesome hunting property. I had many places to choose from again and this year I decided to try the same "gully stand" I used for last years 4 point buck(first buck). The Gully Stand is 20 feet to the base so line of sight is around 24ft...
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    First buck and story!

    so I am a fairly new hunter and have befriended NYDAN and Rol P. NYDAN is my next door neighbor in western NY. I got my first rifle about 6 months ago (Savage 11/111 trophy hunter) in 30.06. I was able to get out and help NYDAN with his property this past summer and fall. He spent time helping...
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    30-06, 165 gr BT, IMR 4451

    Dan is working on me! Last night I was thinking about different bullets and stuff with my gun all night. My wife is rolling her eyes at me, but enjoys watching me get into a new hobby. Dan and I did some penetration test this afternoon (I'll post the results soon) and got the gun sighted in for...