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  1. cloverleaf

    Shooting the 03-A3

    Cool- best of both worlds. Looks like you were enjoying yurself! Recoil therapy. Thinking about trying to get too the club meeting thursday night- but its still half a foot deep on the flat with ice to boot, and more forecast for thursday. Phooey- soon though. CL
  2. cloverleaf

    Another beauty inbound.

    I Duno- Teddy said that the "flat shooting 30-30" was his pronghorn gun but....that 405 and a Pronghorn would be a cool photo op. ;) Enjoy! CL
  3. cloverleaf


    Wow! Very handsome. CL
  4. cloverleaf

    Shooting the 03-A3

    Good to see you out shooting Guy! Where's your snow? CL
  5. cloverleaf

    Dads hunting maps....reminissing

    Yup - Dads notes are the best part. Had I a Den or a "man cave" other than the garage, I would frame this too. CL
  6. cloverleaf


    I dont mean this the "wrong way".... but was it me and I had a beautiful photo or two like that of my wife on Safari, I think they would definitely make the trophy wall too. You are a lucky man. As you already know... CL
  7. cloverleaf


    Strikinly handsome skulls! Just recently saw a skull with the "relief work" done. That is really neat. Wife even thought it looked "kinda neat". CL
  8. cloverleaf

    elevated box stands

    Ya- that one is unique to me any way. Most are just enough to help a guy see over the brush. CL
  9. cloverleaf

    Dad's Model 742

    Thats out standing! Great group with any rifle. Of more value since it was your Dads rifle. Also, Its one thing to do that on a nice day in June. Another entirely, on a nice day with gloves in early March!(y) CL
  10. cloverleaf

    Midway factory seconds

    Hmm.... cheaper any way. CL
  11. cloverleaf

    elevated box stands

    Elevated stands are very popular in Mn. This is a photo of one that a friends family has been using for generations now. Currently LED Lighting and propane heat. Two good sized deer were taken from it this year. Not what I like to do but, have in the past. CL
  12. cloverleaf

    44-40 Gallery Loads

    Oh, that is neat! Sounds like more fun than shooting the old Crossman. Know what you mean about the winter weather. Dont have the wind, but here in the big city in MN, feeols like winter is never going away. CL
  13. cloverleaf

    The Springfield...

    Man- what a handsome old rifle! Really appreciate those "old" custom rifles. The stories that go with it are even more valuable! Hope you get to add a chapter! CL
  14. cloverleaf

    Dads hunting maps....reminissing

    So true- and the hunting wasn't even the best part.. CL
  15. cloverleaf

    Dads hunting maps....reminissing

    Recently I had a chance to get together with my cousin and reminisce about one of our hunting trips together as kids 40 years ago. The conversation revolved around a copy of a sportsmans atlas that I have kept since 1980. It is basically a plot map broken down by county that showed all the...
  16. cloverleaf

    Investment opportunity missed- Really???

    From what I've read (mostly here) I'm thinking your assessment of the VX3 is correct. As you say, what the market will support..... I was just commenting that if they can be sold for near double what they sold for originally, I missed another opportunity to make a buck! However, truth told if...
  17. cloverleaf

    Messed Up!

    Were it me, I would take it to the smith and have him tell you. Maybe just look for another action to screw that barrel on. Never heard of such a thing. Good luck! Let us know what you find out. CL
  18. cloverleaf

    Tesla stole my bullets...?

    So if I read correctly, there is no more lead being mined in this country. Got me to wondering... I know all these electric cars are not run on led-acid batteries (are they?). But is some portion of my ammo being appropriated for all these batteries? Whatever- the politics are all wrong, not...
  19. cloverleaf

    Prices going up again.

    Reaching for a box of Hornady 22 Mag rimfire ammo today. Miss-read the price on the shelf- thought it was still $13, Too much but.... Got to the check out and accused the check out person of ringing it up wrong when it came up $17.99. ..... 🤔 C'mon!!! 😡 CL
  20. cloverleaf

    Investment opportunity missed- Really???

    So vintage Gun scopes is seling this one..... Great scope. At the time I thought it was just a little too much for my budget @ $450 or so new as I recall...