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  1. elkeater2

    ****Hackers back again...Sent a few messages out...looks like we got hacked

    I reported every each poster as soon as I could identify them as phonies.... Thank you Matt also!
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    Reloading forum hacked and loaded with airline junk

  3. elkeater2

    Heart Attack while Hunting

    Guy, I'm really pleased to hear you're healing up. My experience was much like yours (and others on here!). I was advised to do the formal cardiac rehab also, and it was excellent. I knew I needed the formality and accountability of it to really improve my health and lifestyle. Our system does...
  4. elkeater2

    .223 Rifles for Deer sized game

    Wyoming pronghorn antelope + .223 Rem + Nosler 64 gr. BSB's = works well for me. If you value the meat like we do it has been an effective killer with appropriate damage. SPS.
  5. elkeater2

    Sealing Laminate Stock

    The laminate glue is tougher than the finish. In theory if the finish gets worn off the difference would show. I don' think it is a worry. Can tell you that hand checkering a laminate is hard on the cutters and the craftsman. :)
  6. elkeater2

    Did I waste my $$$ ?

    I want a rifle that only shoots elk that can be loaded whole in one piece! Nice going and good to know the kit worked well.
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    Bergara B14 Hunter 300WM (and overall update)

    I have found many on our forum sincerely care about fellow members. You are no exception and my heart goes out to you and the family. I enjoy your write-ups and have learned from them. Thank you!
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    Anyone ever hunt leatherback mushrooms?

    Those look like the king bolete ones we have gathered for years here in Wyo, EXCEPT king bolete don't have gills - they have spores! Not sure what these leatherbacks are. Bolete were the only ones we were taught to gather and consume from our woods around the cabin. They are really good if you...
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    Wyo elk tag filled, great hunt.

    My son got himself a tank chair a couple years ago. For years, I've been hunting an isolated spot that almost always holds a few elk. There is an old but wide trail made by some miners over 100 years ago. That trail goes to the center of that patch but had a number of down logs crossing. Last...
  10. elkeater2

    7mm08 elk

    I shot nearly all my elk with 139 grain cup and core Hornadys. That was quite a few. Never lost one and never had to track very far. Those bullets work best when started at 7-08 velocities. They open reliably without blowing up at short ranges and hang together to penetrate when going a little...
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    22-250 at the Range

    Anywhere close to a prairie dog and it's all over anyway!
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    What have you taken pronghorn with?

    Sorry, lost count. Raised in Wyoming, started pronghorn at 14 years old. 75 now! Probably the most memorable was a buck running flat out crossing at about 80 yards. I had been using a 7x57 to shoot jackrabbits all winter the year before, and those bunnies taught me about fast moving targets...
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    Magazine binding in laminate stock

    For a grandson? Requires no further explanation! I'm the same way.
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    Well count me in here! Dr. Mike has been complementary to the hunting efforts and results I've shared with my son. Every year I can count on birthday wishes from him here on the forum - just about the only ones I get from anyone anymore. Doc is a big ray of sunshine for me in this otherwise...
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    243 Win/IMR 4350/95 GR Nosler BT

    Just a fun coincidence, we use exactly the same load in my wife's tang safety Ruger also. We are in Wyoming too, only used for about 45 years on antelope and deer. She can shoot.
  16. elkeater2

    243 Win/IMR 4350/95 GR Nosler BT

    I've loaded several 95 to 100 gr. bullets using Winchester cases and CCI200 primers. Old Hodgdon data maxes out at 42.0 grains of IMR 4350 and that worked well for me. Check their website.
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    35 Caliber Morning

    It is such a treat to come to the forum and see a post from you, Dr. Mike! You are so good about responding to posts and questions from others , it's been your turn for a while. I have no need for another rifle, except now I want a Whelen out of admiration if nothing else. Thank you!
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    Precision 223 Load

    Now if Forster would just make some quality target paper! I think the group would be smaller with less tear-out :) Always have to say something I guess, but I am seriously in awe of that outstanding group! Beautiful loading and shooting, Guy.
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    Might of made a dumb purchase.

    I found mine useful for checking earwax. I also found carbon rings at the front of the neck juncture I didn't know I had. I do chuckle at the guys who panic when their rifle that still shoots sub-moa shows firecracking, tool marks, streaks, etc. I got the Teslong one that feeds to my Windows...
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    New and Improved Nosler Forum

    I had to change my password