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    Pay It Forward

    He’s got ‘em. Send me his contact information in a PM. Vince
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    This takes place in Canada and has me asking the age old question. I’m not a catholic but was born into a Catholic family. Catholic since my Grandfather, on my dad’s side, was sent to a Catholic seminary by his Jewish parents to keep him alive instead of fighting in a war for Nicholas II the...
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    Your taste in mounts is unsurpassed. Very nice. Vince
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    I hope they franchise this

    I want to move in. That’s a nice apartment. 🤣
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    Smokey Mountains Cascade

    Absolutely stunning.
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    Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster

    Just picked up another X15. This one is for a duty sized automatic. Got my 6” N Frame, 4” K Frame covered. Now with the duty size automatics covered I think I’m set. Vince
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    Snow Birds

    If you find yourself in the area and want to grab a cup of coffee give me a shout.
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    First Glock for Me...G20 Gen4

    Since I didn’t see it mentioned I’ll chip in my $0.02. As a long time revolver shooter I change out the Block trigger connector to a - one, also known as a competition trigger connector, and add a NY1 trigger spring. This gives more of a double action revolver feel to the trigger and breaks...
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    Snow Birds

    I’m in Northern Arizona just standing on a corner in, name the place in the song, Arizona but I grew up in the Green Valley/Arivaca area. If I can be of any help just reach out. Vince
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    Prices going up again.

    Had someone tell me that inflation was a good thing. I equate that person as someone not smart enough to come in out of the rain. Vince
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    Snow Birds

    Covid ain’t no joke. I pray it really feels like nothing worse than a cold for you both. Vince
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    New IN Reg Proposal, New Hunting Options, New .257 Bee???

    I’m a little late to the party but did the deer hunting regs change? Did you get a Wby rifle? I seriously considered a .257 Wby to go with my .338 Win Mag but opted to go with a .375 Ruger and 6.5 Creedmoor for a worldwide two gun battery for everything I might care to hunt. Given the lack of...
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    need a laugh ?

    Better buy a Lotto ticket. 🍀
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    Haven’t narrowed it down yet. Thinking Anchorage for the first year. Vince
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    Blaser R93 HHS (14" 375 H&H and 14" 308 Winchester) + Video

    375 Ouch & Ouch. That’ll be a handful. Makes me think of an ex girlfriend. 🤣 Vince
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    New to Forum

    Welcome! Idaho was definitely on my shortlist when selecting my next move but Alaska won the coin toss. Vince
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    Progress with my right Achilles/ankle/calf and overall update

    Did it show up? Don’t keep us in suspense man! Show us the pictures! Vince
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    Pay It Forward

    I’ve got a pair of 32 X 32 Kuiu Attack Pants in really great condition. They’re the Verde pattern. If you’re a more slender physique than moi I’ll let you have them. I’m in hopes these will go to a younger hunter who could use a little boost. Vince