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    Maven Optics

    Anybody use the RF-1? will they really range a deer at 2700 yards?
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    What's so Special about the 270 Win?

    Chet Atchinson said it best, "its a lil bit more than an adequate coyote rifle", nothing wrong with them, but not any better than a bunch of other chamberings.
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    Heart Attack while Hunting

    Glad you are on the mend, take care of yourself.
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    Need some advice

    I don't get it, with no pressure signs why would a bit of extra velocity hurt? I have rifles that shoot faster than they are supposed to, and some that shoot slower. I was the same place once with my STW, was shooting 3550 with a 140, called the folks at sierra. Was told with no pressure signs...
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    Evil Black Rifles... 6mm ARC

    well shots 8,9, and 10 out of the new ARC not bad for a gas gun shooting factory loads, with mirage and a 62 year old geezer thumbing the trigger
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    Tesla stole my bullets...?

    What I heard was covid shut down the lead mines in utah, and the copper mines in south america. but the US is paying folks not to work so the supply is interupted, if that is truly the case, why can you still get Hornady and Hammer bullets but the others are scarce?
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    Evil Black Rifles... 6mm ARC

    got mine today, has aa 22" satern barrel, velocity 3# single stage trigger, 6x24 vortex diamondback tactical FFP, will see how it runs!
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    Evil Black Rifles... 6mm ARC

    my upper gets delivered tomorrow, ordered a 22" from grendelhunter, upper, 2 mags, and a 2.5# single stage trigger was 844.00 shipped. however, order the upper and wait a couple days they will offer you the trigger for 30 bucks off. so I ordered a 2nd trigger for 100 bucks.
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    anyone heard of

    never heard of them, they claim to have 6mm arc ammo in stock for less than a buck a round. Not sure I'm buying that.
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    Favorite bullet mfg not named Nosler and why

    Hornady, because you can find them occasionally.
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    I just can’t bring them home for dinner

    whats in it for them to eat?
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    who haas heard oof Satern barrels?

    will post the results when I can find enough components to do a test. gonna just order a sizer die, think I can seat with a 6ppc seater
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    who haas heard oof Satern barrels?

    read several reviews from different builders/shooters. satern/liberty is the brand.
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    who haas heard oof Satern barrels?

    orderd a 6mm arc upper today, has a 7.5 twist satern/liberty barrel. comments?
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    Got my Bucket List rifle! Finally

    search pedersoli they have sights
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    Temperature Sensitive Powders ?

    for the most part, double based powders are more temp sensative than single base. look at the ingredients. nitrocellulose is single base, nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine is a double base. However you will get higher MV at the same pressure with double base due to it containing more energy per...
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    6.5 grendel is easily sized to 6 arc,
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    grendel brass is scarce also, have found none since I bought my grendel in 2021. hoping things open up a bit.
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    have convinced myself that I need a 6mm ARC, don't know why but I have. have a spare lower so going to order a 22" upper from AR15 parts, ordered a vortex 6x24 diamondback tactical FFP, will probably go with a RRA NM trigger, now if I can just find brass and primers!
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    Leupold vx3hd 4.5x14?

    they changed the vari-x's to the vx's so M1 turrets would fit them, then they quit using M1's, dropped the mark 4's so they could sell the HD's at a substantial profit increase, I'm about done with loopy