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  1. RL338

    Making of My 375 Wby

    The box measures 3.526” which is a little short. I overcame this by making a modified box and a small tweak to the stock to get 3.600” to feed. I did not want to modify the receiver in any way. Weatherby did offer the 375 H&H in the Vanguard , don’t know how one loads rounds in the mag. While...
  2. RL338

    Love my 375

    Have you tried solids on hogs? If so how were the results.
  3. RL338

    it's about over , hunting for bucks .

    Nice cat you have there.
  4. RL338

    Making of My 375 Wby

    Thanks for the offer , this one is a prefit. Chamber is cut , plug and play.
  5. RL338

    Remington 700 rebarreled

    I know what that feels like
  6. RL338

    New Production Remington 700 CDL

    I found out the Wby Vanguard is only 3.526” and they offered the 375H in it. Not sure how they made that one work🤔
  7. RL338

    .338 win ballistic tips

    Nah, I like 7000 ft/lbs for deer😁
  8. RL338

    Powder is coming down.

    They can drop powder price all they want the secret is lighting the powder , that’s where the money will still be.
  9. RL338

    Making of My 375 Wby

    There is some sort of crossbolt installed in it already.
  10. RL338

    New Production Remington 700 CDL

    That’s a lot of room for a 7mm. They must be after the long range crowd with their heavies.
  11. RL338

    Need some advice

    That rifle just likes to shoot. Maybe RL26 is the secret😁
  12. RL338

    375 Winchester QL

    Even Hodgdon doesn’t list much.
  13. RL338

    Making of My 375 Wby

    This has me excited not only I’m building the rifle I’m also going to be making my brass from Peterson basic.
  14. RL338

    Beaumont M1871?

    Looking for some info on this one. I don’t have much to go on right now. My nieces boyfriend bought this and all I know it’s stamped 1874 and was sent this picture.
  15. RL338

    Model 94 Big Bore 375 Win

    Sure looks new , previous owner took good care of it. Now you can put that thumper to work.
  16. RL338

    22-250 Lapua Brass

    I thought awhile back someone on here was looking for some. Pricey but available.
  17. RL338

    Making of My 375 Wby

    I would like to share my step by step process of bringing it to life. Maybe it will give some confidence of doing their own project. The donor Weatherby Vanguard chambered in 300 Win Mag. Next a complete disassembly to remove the barrel. The stock I purchased was a Wby laminated take off...
  18. RL338

    Viper Barrel Vise

    This sucker works. Prior I had a homemade vise with oak blocks , it worked for knocking loose nutted barrels. I could never hold a Howa/Vanguard until now. A big 👍 for the Viper.
  19. RL338

    Shilen Barrels

    From the customer support side , Shilen is an outstanding company to work with. Boy they moved my barrel through the shop. I was quoted 5-7 months and instead I got an 1 month turnaround. Ordered 2-27 shipped 3-23. They called me several times to confirm that they were doing what I expected...
  20. RL338

    Black Bear Attack

    Sound like an exciting hunt. 2 bears and a wolf would be a lot. We can bait bear here and the northern part of the state they can run dogs.