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    Today's Eagle Photo

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    Looking for .264 Nosler 120gr BT

    Still looking for 1 more box if anyone has any for sale. Thanks, Dan.
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    My version of a left hand 284 Winchester

    When the short mags came out, I thought the 7mmwsm would be a big hit but not so much. That's a good-looking rifle and the group with factory I would take it hunting. Should give you good service. Dan.
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    Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro

    You'll like it. Have the 3in model and it performs without any issues. Dan.
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    Tikka 7-08

    Might take a peek inside the bore if you don't find any issues with bedding, mounts, scope and the usual stuff. Dan.
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    Looking for .264 Nosler 120gr BT

    You're welcome. Thank you.
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    Small Town

    This reminds me of John Mellencamp's song "Small Town" I too live in a small town, on the same street my whole life. Veterans memorial wall on the courthouse lawn with names listed who didn't come back. One being my mom's younger brother. We have one stop light. I like it here. Dan.
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    I have eaten caribou but not moose, but you all have my mouth watering to try some. Dan.
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    168 gr ABLR

    That'll make the oil light come on. Dan.
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    Outrageous Prices

    I wish that shop was closer to me:( Dan.
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    Been doing some shooting.

    Agreed it does make us feel better when we don't second guess our rifle and know if we miss it was the nut behind the bolt. I'd hunt with any of your loads posted. Dan.
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    Been doing some shooting.

    Jeff looks like you got it pegged. Glad your rifle likes different bullet weights and load combos. Pretty stock also. Dan.
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    308 Win Load Development

    That's good shooting and load development Jim. Dan.
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    Lest We Forget

    I know the families were offered to have their loved ones brought home after WW2 as for now after all these years don't know if that offer is still available. Check with the VA or contact your congressman to see if they will give you any help or at least tell you who to contact. Dan.
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    Lest We Forget

    Very deep respect for our veterans. Has been several in my family thru the years. My father was in the 90th Inf, Div. 3rd Army, uncles in WW2 mom's younger brother KIA Feb 19th, 1945, 503rd PIR on Corregidor Island, Philippines. Older cousins in Korea and Vietnam. Thanks to all who served. Dan.
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    Outrageous Prices

    Went into the Bridgeport store in Beckley today and saw some powder for 60.00 lb plus few primers 10-12.00 per 100. They had a pile of ammo most I've seen for awhile in any store I frequent and it's no wonder there's no primers for reloaders. If this was any indication, they are going for...
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    Increase trigger pull?

    Understand the wanting to wait account of the work rule but don't put off so long as to cause permeant damage. One of my cousins did that with carpal tunnel surgery and when he finally had it done it didn't cure all of his numbness or pain. Wish you the best. Dan.
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    New Barrel For My Seneca

    Good progress Joe and generous offer for someone. Dan.
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    SOLD Couple calls ready to go

    Nice. Dan.
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    Mauser 98 Sporter 7x57mm

    Nice looking bear and rifle. Dan.