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    Evolution and Evolution Pro reloading systems by Mark 7 ... p_410.html ... p_394.html Mark 7 has been supplying clutched auto drives, and some pretty nice electronic checks/controls for Dillon 1050's for a while. Now they are launching a couple of new presses combined...
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    Why do you load?

    Because I can make more accurate ammo than I can buy. And these ammo scares don’t affect me much.
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    Turret press vs. single stage

    I would suggest the Dillon RL 550C as someone above recommended. It is a manually indexed press (think inverted turret, the shell plate moves instead of the die plate), that also has the added benefits over a turret in that it has a priming and charging systems, if you want those. It can also...
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    How much to buy ?

    How much to buy? 5 years (or more) worth of components is a good start (which will obviously depend on you). More in calibers you love. 5 years will get you through most scares without having to pay panic prices. Keep the inventory topped off, FIFO, and dip into the stash when (not if)...
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    Don't you hate brass trimming

    Great to hear.
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    Don't you hate brass trimming

    Tackdriver, What are your thoughts on your Giraud Trimmer?
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    Brass life question....

    OP..., for me, brass life depends on the caliber, the load, and not overworking brass. That typed, in 223 for example, for me (ymmv) federal brass doesn’t hold up as well as others, to the point that I don’t bother with it. Conversely Remington brass holds up well, right up there with Lake...
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    2018 loading & shooting goals?

    Hopefully my son and I will empty 4 or 5 thousand rounds again on prairie dogs this spring and reload them again; empty 4 or 5 thousand 9mm plate and steel shooting together and load them again; and continue to dump coyotes this winter efficiently so we don’t eat into our prairie dog loads too...
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    Don't you hate brass trimming

    Awesome, congrats!! Enjoy the present to yourself! Will be interested in your thoughts on the trimmer after you get it and have run a pile.
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    Don't you hate brass trimming

    Tack, I own World's Finest Trimmer (WFT) and then bought a Giraud (Giraud Tri Way). The WFT hasn't been used since. For simply trimming, the WFT is certainly an upgrade compared to hand trimming, and faster. The con of the WFT is that is doesn't debur and chamfer......for me, this is a...
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    .223 with 55 btips?

    Of those choices, I would start with the XBR with the 55's. XBR (extruded) will be much more temp insensitive than the ball powders (and you get some temp swings in your area). And imo (and in my stuff), it is a better in every way compared to varget/extruded. While I have burned a lot of...
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    Better MOA at longer ranges??????

    Agreed! I have buddies who claim their rifles shoot better long, and when I observe them, the rifle/shooter does in fact shoot better long distance. Do I believe it has anything to do with the bullet magically correcting its wayward flight = Nope, no, nada. Do I believe there are...
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    .223 Rem powders

    My favorite powder for 223 , particularly for bullets less than 65 g.... is H322. It is a very small grain extruded extreme powder.....which means it meters well, and is relatively temp insensitive. I use the same load for p-dogs in the Blaz'n heat of summer as I do for yotes in the dead of...
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    Trail Cam Picture Sticky

    Hey leadchuker ... I can't read the last 3 digits on the GPS coordinates on the fence line picture, please post. lol ... just kidding ... you have got to be itchin to go.
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    CCI Primer strength

    Not exactly on the same subject as the starting post, but potentially interesting to some. See the pictures linked here. I still use CCI (smile) For my shooting, primers don't seem to matter as long as I stick with the type the load manual says to use...
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    headspace variance on fired brass

    (Good luck Thud, have fun and be safe...we want pics)
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    headspace variance on fired brass

    Tack ... I think you likely gtg here imo as it relates to variance of fired brass....that variance isn't bad imo if that is your extreme spread and most were in the middle. So I am going to ignore those for this response. But that typed, one thing you typed did catch my eye and might be...
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    Die Hard Nosler fan

    (y) NICE!
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    Reloading & Condo Living

    If you have a sturdy desk (like a steel case desk) or any really good sturdy table or bar top style built in with two parallel sides, here is one approach. For one of my progressive presses I have the press and its mount securely mounted to a one inch thick piece of good flat plywood (you can...
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    electric powder dispensers ??

    +1 RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Combo and I would replace as well. RCBS came out with a "Lite" version in 2017 too. I have no experience with the lite version, although I read a poster above has one.