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    importing ammunition to South Africa.

    It’s not the police, Tsa, or SAP you need to worry about. It’s the airlines. Airlines on flights within SA require ammo be checked in separately from your luggage. So, you need a lockable case for this.
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    Nosler rifles

    Thanks for the reply’s. Just checked Nosler’s site. 26and 28 Nosler Brass is out of stock....Not going to do handloaders any good! Nosler, what is going on?
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    Nosler rifles

    For those that are considering buying a rifle chambered for 26 Nosler and 28 Nosler, be warned there is no ammo available for these calibers. Have checked Nosler’s web site as well as the major on line retailers, and all sold out. Nosler, how can you allow this to happen?...
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    28 Nosler Ammo?

    Wonder how a company that makes rifles and propriorty ammo calibers can always be sold out of their ammo. Will never buy one of their calibers. Nosler, please explain.
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    28 Nosler Ammo?

    Same issues with 26 Nosler.
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    26 Nosler 140ab

    Sold out. When will it be available? Thanks.
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    .280AI ????

    Is Nosler going to load ammo for this round???If so, when will it be available???THANKS
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    .300 Remington Short ultra mag.

    any data or advice on loading this round THANKS