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  1. ElmerThud

    Neck Sizing die....does that solve the problem - sort of ?

    Hmmm ... Dunno about this CL - personally I think unlikely. A way to ensure your F/L resized case neck is as concentric as possible to the case body is to set your die like this: Set your F/L resizing die in the press. Loosen the de-cap rod/expander, drive a lubed case fully into the die...
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    Neck Sizing die....does that solve the problem - sort of ?

    My 'Pennyworth' of thought. Frankly I don't think the Lee Collet die is the way to go. Far better to measure the 'Fired Case' headspace from your rifle & set your F/L resizing die to that dimension, bumping the case should back a max of .003" when F/L resizing. Good luck anyway
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    95 gr Ballistic tip or 100 gr Partition for deer out of the 243?

    Used the Nosler 95gn BT for years on Roe & Red deer in Scotland... bullet placement is important especially on the large Red deer... but have brought down stags in the rut. Using Viht. N160 I never had problems but upgraded in 2003 to .25-06. I found heavier bullets than 95gn in my .243 didn't...
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    Might be an age old question

    Ha yes... .264 - I have 3 of them.1 Steyr Mannlicher Swede 6.5x55 and 2 Mannlicher Schoenauer's - one is a 'Takedown' the other a Stutzen... both original cartridge 6.5x54MSch. I just love the slick bolt on the Mannlicher's and the fabulous & so cool rotary magazine on the MSch rifles. It's...
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    Off the lands?

    I found all the Nosler bullets I use like a long jump to the rifling. I never found one Nosler bullet performing satisfactorily seated close to the lands. With a decent jump - awesome!
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    25-06 with 110 gr bullet question

    Hmm that's fast! I've never come across a 25-06 with a 1-7.5 twist. FWIW I think at 1-7.5 twist will definitely work much better with the heavier bullet, so cannot comment on whether the barrel will stabilise a 110gn bullet. It's a case of 'Suck it & see' but maybe someone else on here has first...
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    25-06 with 110 gr bullet question

    A fast twist usually stabilises heavier bullets pretty well, but what's your fast twist? My .25-06 is 1-10.. & I use the 110gn Nosler AB, - they work perfectly in my rifle. I used to use IMR4831, but now it's unavailable in UK, so I moved to Viht. N560
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    Nickel Brass

    My understanding is annealing nickel cases isn't possible... but hey, I'm not a matalurgist! That said, I used nickel cases for a long time & provided headspace is set correctly when you F/L resize, the cases can last a very long time. It depends also on how hot you load before primer pockets...
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    Worst brass?

    Norma is excellent. Remington/Peters has been pretty good. PPU the worst I've encountered. Life expectancy depends very much on diligent case prep. regime.
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    Failure to trim?

    If book guide to trim is 1.902" I'd say MAX cartridge length should be 1.912". As the mark only appears once on each case (unless I can't see properly) it's possible? the marks are from striking the action while ejecting the case (It's a theory) rather than from the rifling.. In any event...
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    portable press

    Perfect recommendation & choice!
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    Chamber Length Gauge

    I use Hornady headspace measuring tools. Used to measure fired case OAL, they're fine for determining the trim length to use when customising your brass to each rifle. If cases are trimmed to SAAMI spec, essentially you're trimming too much off your brass & in my view, trimming to SAAMI spec is...
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    Reloading 25-06

    100gn Sierra ProHunter #1620 x 53gns IMR4350 Primer Fed 215 Magnum OACL 3.304" Comparator 2.746" Lee FCD moderate crimp MV aprox. 3.270fps For me this shoots consistently within .25" MOA @ 100yds. (22" barrel). The above is what I use for red deer hinds in Scotland. I use the 110gn Accubond for...
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    25-06 LOAD

    I never had any success with 115gn or 120gn bullets from my 22" barrel, including Nosler or any other manufacturers bullets. 110gn Accubonds, a very different story. They work perfectly & I shoot a fair few Scottish red stags & hinds through the seasons. These bullets do like a 'Jump' to the...
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    Minimum safe loads- which data do I use

    If these are first time fired factory rounds, I'm stumped! Never seen this separation before on a new factory round first time fired! However, if they are reloads from factory brass, the shiny ring on the brass above the case head leads me to believe that it's a headspace issue & F/L resizing...
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    Case neck soot or carbon

    I anneal my cases... Norma & Remington every three firings. No fancy equipment for it, I hold the cases with a gloved hand, rotating the case necks in a propane flame for 12-14 seconds. No need to quench the brass in water, let it cool naturally. Works for me & I never had any issues with my...
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    Case neck soot or carbon

    It sounds to me that the brass has hardened and as a result not sealing properly. Annealing is what I'd do to bring the brass back to life so that it seals (Obturates) preventing the soot flowing back. Good luck (y)
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    Confused or just up to late - Neck Tension

    The rabbit hole of reloading goes very deep & can be stupidly expensive. So, if the ammo you make shoots well enough... why worry? If you're 'Match shooting' or 'Bench rest shooting' it's a different matter, but for hunting, provided you're happy as things are, simply carry on doing what you're...
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    This crap is starting to get old.

    Yep! Way to go! - RCBS have been fantastic replacing parts. Not that I contacted them often, but each time, parts have been mailed to the UK FOC. They replied to e mails within a couple of days & asked for my address & a week or two later, parts arrived. Any delay was down to UK customs...