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    Sounds like the Black Flies in Maine. My buddy spent two weeks at his log home in Dover Fox Croft and related that he couldn't leave the house without totally being covered in netting. He used plenty of deet and said they bite like hell.
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    nice old car

    Boy did you bring back some memories. In 1968 I left the Military and the first thing that caught my eye was a Ford Fairline (If I remember correctly) with a 427 under the hood. Needless to say I had fun with that car for a while. What a gas burner. The New England weather took its toll and I...
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    Ernie and others...

    Guy, I think you've probably already thought of this but watch you field of view between the Red Dot and the standard pistol scopes. That was the first thing I picked up on.
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    Home Pistol Range

    JD, if you're going to shoot at the plate be watchful of the bullets coming back at you. We have a set of six plates that we shoot at that have numerous holes from rifles and after shooting at the plates with a handgun for about 20 minutes we look like we went through the war and didn't escape...
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    Ernie and others...

    Great idea Guy. I do a lot of handgun hunting for Deer and on occasion for Elk. I used a Burris 2X7 Pistol scope for many years and was advised by those in the know to try a Red Dot. What a Difference! Of course I don't have the magnification but with the right size Red dot you'll easily cover...
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    Home defense shotguns

    I'm not much into shotguns for home defense. I know that sounds foolish to some but if you have occasion to check on a noise or someone breaking glass to get in you are probably going to see what's going on. When you go through doors you are going to have to lift the shotgun to get through. A...
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    What have you taken Turkey with?

    I'd be careful with the lung shot as anything less than perfect you are going to be chasing the turkey around (as my buddy has found out on a couple of occasions). I hunt with a .22 and wait for head shots. I know it's difficult because turkeys never seem to hold their head still but with...
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    LEOSA Qualification Today!

    Guy, I qualified in February and got very lucky, scoring 100 percent on the target. I practice during the winter months at least once every two weeks. I did switch from a .45 Sig to a 9MM Sig (P229). The .45 was beating me up a bit and the 9 was just a pleasure to shoot. I noticed you felt the...
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    7mm08 Barrel Length

    I use a Rem 700 Titanium in 7-08 with a 22 inch barrel for all my deer hunting needs. The barrel length is perfect for carrying through the Maine woods and I've taken deer out to over 200 yards with the same rifle. Perfect combination.
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    What have you taken Turkey with?

    I've taken two turkeys so far, both with a .22 target pistol, Red Dot at 25-30 yards. Lot easier carrying the handgun over a 12 or 20 gauge.
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    Want to upgrade my chronograph

    My Oehler is still working great and although I'm tempted to purchase the Labradar I'm very satisfied at this point with the Oehler. It takes just a little more to set up but accuracy is on the mark.
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    And here I am thinking my .338 RUM was bad.
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    Scoped the Super Grade

    Looks good Guy and the power level should work out just fine. My 700 in .338RUM has a 1.5X6 and I have never needed more power.
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    Guy, check with your Cardiologist on hunting at alititude. In addition to my heart attack I...

    Guy, check with your Cardiologist on hunting at alititude. In addition to my heart attack I picked up a permanent case of AFIB. Tried all sorts of ways to get rid of it to no avail. I asked the Doc about hunting in elevation and he stated "keep it below 6000 feet. No more SCUBA diving either. I...
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    It Does Happen!

    Oh Boy does that comment bring back memories. I was head of our underwater Search and Recovery Team. You talk about looking for and finding any number of items (human and otherwise).
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    Who here has competed with firearms?

    When I was younger (a lot younger) I shot trap and got to a point where I was taking 23 out of 25. Then kids came along and the Trap shooting went on the back burner. Shot .45 matches while serving in the Navy. (lot's of fun) When I retired from the PD and moved to Florida I joined a local club...
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    6.8 Western

    That's why my .338RUM sits in the Gun Cabinet a lot more. I do remember in the past firing a few sighting shots prior to Elk Season. It was six shots if I remember correctly. After that I had to start nursing a headache.
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    Heart Attack while Hunting

    Overdoing things got me yelled at by my cardiologist. Two weeks after my heart attack I started going back in the pool and doing laps along with walking and other exercises. At my scheduled appointment which was three weeks after the heart attack my Doc asked me how I was feeling and I mentioned...
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    Trouble in Florida and at what range to sight a .22 pistol.

    Thanks for the info Fellas. I'll try 25 yards and see what this handgun can do.
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    The Springfield...

    Very nice looking rifle Guy. When I graduated High School way back in 1962 I received enough gift money to purchase a sporterized 03 Springfield that had been sitting on the Shelf in our local Sears Store. I don't know who did the work but the rifle had turned out quite nice and went with me on...