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  1. FOTIS

    Load Analysis

    Yup Do-all load!
  2. FOTIS

    180 grain AccuBond in the 300 Weatherby

    Same in my guns
  3. FOTIS

    Fixing to get back on my 444 project

    Thank you. It shoots 300 gr cast equally well.
  4. FOTIS

    Fixing to get back on my 444 project

    I love my 444. My favorite lever cartridge. It is an older 1:38 Marlin but shoots well!
  5. FOTIS

    375 H&H Mag 260 gr E-Tip

    No doubt. That's horsepower for sure. What is the minimal expansion velocity for the 260E tip?
  6. FOTIS

    30-30 with the Annealeez

    Love my 30-30 also. Started life as an XLR but barrel got amputated to 21"...just to be different! Before after Shoots great too!
  7. FOTIS

    M70 264 WM FWT Maple stock

  8. FOTIS

    Retumbo for a 338 Win Mag.

  9. FOTIS

    My dog Frankie

  10. FOTIS

    For Sale Labradar with extras

  11. FOTIS

    For Sale Labradar with extras

    I am selling my like new Labradar chrono. Works great with no issues. This is what you get.. Unit ----- case----- Rechargeable External Battery USB Power Unit SD Card...
  12. FOTIS

    RL 25

    Same here! Great in the magnums.
  13. FOTIS

    Ramshot Big Game?

    Just tried it in my 7mm-08 this weekend
  14. FOTIS

    300 H&H Pet Loads

    It worked wonders in my #1 300 H&H
  15. FOTIS

    300 H&H Pet Loads

  16. FOTIS

    Savage 93 Flood recovery project

  17. FOTIS

    SPEER Impact 6.5mm (.264") 140gr Bullet Test

    The speer accubond!
  18. FOTIS

    Great range day!

    Only rings I now use. Easy to keep scope level during tightening
  19. FOTIS

    Great range day!

    Btw. "redid" the Mossberg