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  1. Wolfshead

    130 TTSX 300 win mag

    That round is so fast! im curious how it will perform on game? I was thinking the other day about something similar. there is a lot of talk how these bullets perform at distance due to it slowing down. live been wondering how they perform close up, or as speeds like yours are going to be...
  2. Wolfshead

    Fast (and accurate) 308 load

    Finally got to the range on Monday. got all set for test my loads for the 130 ttsx’s. now as I stated above, I’ve been shooting 150 gn accubonds and my rifle was sited in for them. my scope is a 1.75-5 x 32 so looking down too 111 yds the target is kinda small. i shoot my first round and then...
  3. Wolfshead

    165 Grain Accubond in .308

    I don’t shoot 165’s but I do shoot 150 grain Accubonds from my .308. I get really good groups using 46 grains of Varget. i get softball sized groups out at 305 yards. not sure about further than that as that’s the limit at our range and that’s probably as far as I need to take a shot anyway.
  4. Wolfshead

    Coordinating camo patterns

    Very nice! looks professionally done. I did my Tikka last season and yours came out WAY better! Nice!
  5. Wolfshead

    Fast (and accurate) 308 load

    I have a very accurate load for my .308 using 150 gn. Nosler Accubonds, my situation is that the restrictive state of NYistan is considering going lead free on its public lands, so I may need the ttsx’s. otherwise I would just stay with the Accubonds which I love.
  6. Wolfshead

    Fast (and accurate) 308 load

    I’m also going to run the 130 grain ttsx in my .308 Win. I was reading your initial post and I was thinking “this is just what I want to see“, all the while inside my head I’m saying “please be using Varget, please be using Varget”! Then I read BL-C2…. needless to say I’m using Varget for my...
  7. Wolfshead

    Accubond Penetration

    Could you give us an idea of the other favorites? I'm like you in the sense that “I shoot what bullet works best in a specific rifle”, so I would like to see if we agree on some of your other choices.
  8. Wolfshead

    Accubond Penetration

    I’ve shot my share of Whitetail Deer with 150 gr. Accubonds out of my 30-06. They are my favorite bullets and have no reason to switch except that the “Free“ state of new yorkistan is considering a switch to monolithic bullets on all state land. I’ve only recovered two, and they both were about...
  9. Wolfshead

    Starline Brass

    I have their 30-30, .308 Win, and 30-06. I don’t think I’m going to use anything else. I order it as soon as it says “back ordered” and I usually get a notice that it has shipped in about a week or so.
  10. Wolfshead

    Winchester Model 70 New Haven CRF Synthetic - Can you improve this stock?

    Thank you Watched a bunch of videos on how others went about doing theirs, and a lot of pictures from different stock painters and copied those I liked best. I don’t think I’ve ever had an original thought of my own…. I really just don’t like the “black“ plastic look and this remedied that.
  11. Wolfshead

    Winchester Model 70 New Haven CRF Synthetic - Can you improve this stock?

    I painted my Tikka T3x also. I didn’t even think to sand it to rough up the plastic so the paint would stick better. I just cleaned mine with alcohol, let it dry, and painted away. I used four colors. A dark brown, a little brown with a little more reddish, a forest green and a base coat of...
  12. Wolfshead

    Optics planet...

    I’ve used the also with no problems
  13. Wolfshead

    Shooting the 03-A3

    I met with a former military/LEO man a couple of years ago to make a tankers holster for his 1911. He was showing me his WWII collection and also his 03-A3. it’s was surprising the difference in weight between the 03 and the Garand. also, the 03 balances so well! beautiful rifle!
  14. Wolfshead

    Outrageous Prices

    Yes it was. sorry I type 20 but intended to type 10. shrinkflation….
  15. Wolfshead

    Outrageous Prices

    Yes blackhorn has gone through the roof! and if you notice the bottles used to be 10 or 12 oz but now are eight!
  16. Wolfshead

    Favorite bullet mfg not named Nosler and why

    I missed that about Hornady too. I’m not sure how, but I did. I’m not sure I can answer this yet but I’m leaning Barnes. Nosler has been my go to and I’m just trying out Barnes. we’ll see. also, THE WHOLE THING by the biden administration IS a shit show
  17. Wolfshead

    Reloading Goals For The New Year

    Things we did 90-100 years ago and the things we do today sure have changed. God bless you and your neighbors! I think it is fantastic that all are getting around at that age! My Dad just passed at 89 this fall but his last few years were stuck in a chair as he was unable. I agree that some...
  18. Wolfshead

    Reloading Goals For The New Year

    in my 94 I load the 160 gn FTX with 36 grains of Leverevolution powder. With great results. my goals this year are to find a load for my 308 using the 130 gn ttsx and Varget. and, possibly the 150 gn ttsx for my 30-06. I’ve seen some information about the microscopic particles left behind with...
  19. Wolfshead

    Powder....making it's way back and the state overall of components

    I’m concerned that with HoeGhoul in charge, we in NY may soon see that we cannot get reloading components in the mail either. I tried to get some bullets from an online retailer recently and they would only send to an FFL. For just bullets! oh how I wish we could just cut off the bottom half of...
  20. Wolfshead

    Anybody tried Reloader 16 with 308 win?

    I currently load 150 grain accubonds with 46 grains of Varget with good results for my .308. I am going to work a load up, using the 130 grain ttsx also with Varget Here in the near future. I would love to know if anyone else has used this combination of components before. I’ll let you know what...