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  1. Yoteklr

    Homemade Targets

    I spray super77 adhesive on cardboard with cheap tablecloth paper adhered to it. Then put 3/4 orange labels outlined with sharpie and 1" stencil. I'm pretty particular about my targets, but I'm also cheap. Shows up really good at 200 yards.
  2. Yoteklr

    Diagnosed with ARFS

    Dry fire. Dry fire. Dry fire.
  3. Yoteklr

    ok guys, big $hit going on

    This is the single best piece of equipment I've ever owned for reloading. I have the V3. I wish I could have bought one 20 years ago.
  4. Yoteklr

    RL 25

    My experience with Reloder 25 is it is slightly slower burning than Rl26 in bigger cases. I have two barrels now that love it. 30 Nolser with 200gr Berger Hybrid and 300wm with Berger 185 Hybrid. The 30 Nolser is about 98% case fill. The 300wm is compressed at about 105% but this barrel...
  5. Yoteklr

    130 TTSX 300 win mag

    Are you sure they're going thirty eight thousand fps? I've loaded 130ttsx in 300wsm at 3500 fps with rl15 in a 24" barrel. I'm sure 300wm could top 3450 with out overpressure. I have been wanting loading them in one of my 300wm for a long time, just haven't got around to it. I'd probably...
  6. Yoteklr

    Loving the 7mm WSM

    Maybe coincidence but my 7wsm loves Berger 150gr and Reloder 23 with gm210m primers. However I bought a bunch of 8lb jugs of rl23 when it was $28 a pound, not $60 plus shipping, tax and hazmat lol.
  7. Yoteklr

    Fed LR

    " buy what you can when you can" is the very reason. I'm fortunate enough to have slowly acquired many many years of components when prices were down because demand was down.
  8. Yoteklr

    Variables in velocity in load development for 270WSM

    I only use standard rifle primers in all my WSM cartridges. Mostly GM210M. I recently substituted 9 1/2m primers in place of 210M primers in a 300 wm. Lost 65 fps. In most primer tests involving 9 1/2 M primers I believe they are one of the mildest primers magnum or not. My results were in...
  9. Yoteklr

    264 Win Mag

    Retumbo is THE powder for 264 wm. I believe I'm at about 96 to 98% case fill with Retumbo and 140gr vld .010 off the lands.
  10. Yoteklr

    What are you all paying for SR primers?

    That's about what they should be. In my mind LRP should be $25, not $100.
  11. Yoteklr

    Half a million rounds disappears from Cabelas

    I just want everyone to realize that retail theft isn't absorbed by the retailer, that cost is handed down to the hard working, paying customers! Not just at that location but also in your local Cabelas. I simply can not believe that ammunition was allowed to be stolen! What does anyone think...
  12. Yoteklr

    Half a million rounds disappears from Cabelas

    "Officials believe the New Castle County location was targeted due to its "hands-off approach to shoplifting." This is the problem, past cultures would cut off a hand for theft. Not anymore, criminals are coddled and protected. Fear of offending certain "people ".
  13. Yoteklr

    Reloader 16 and 23 at Natchezss

    More than a few people have been coughed off guard by the difference. Ask me how I know ;).
  14. Yoteklr

    Reloader 16 and 23 at Natchezss

    His store has 8lb of rl16 ; $430 ÷8 = $53.75 per lb. Rl25 and rl19 are only in 5lb jugs. $270 ÷ 5 = $54 per lb. Just wanted to make this clear before you go on a road trip for 8lb of rl25 and19.
  15. Yoteklr

    Reloader 16 and 23 at Natchezss

    RL25 and rl19 do not come in 8lb. They're 5lb jugs.
  16. Yoteklr

    Reloader 16 and 23 at Natchezss

    I know in Europe they have REACH restrictions...
  17. Yoteklr

    Reloader 16 and 23 at Natchezss

    Unless your are loading 156gr bullets for the 264wm or 250gr bullets for the 300wm I would not waste RL33 on them. The 338 Lapua is where it'll shine.
  18. Yoteklr

    Reloader 16 and 23 at Natchezss

    $195 in 2020
  19. Yoteklr

    New Reloading Manual??

    In all honesty I stopped buying reloading manuals. Nowadays I cross reference Hodgdon, Nosler, Speer, and /or Alliant all of which offers online data free. I'll still go to my old manuals occasionally if needed.