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  1. Whitesheep

    CED M2 Chronograph

    I have a CED M2 Chronograph for sale $200 plus shipping. This is the sunlight version with an extra sensor (in box) and three extra sets of sky screens and supports. A nice aluminum fitted carrying case is included. This is much easier to use than other optical chronographs because of the...
  2. Whitesheep

    WBY rifle contours

    Thank you Fotis. Where did you find this interesting information?
  3. Whitesheep

    Nosler M48 Footprint?

    Here is the definitive answer from Nosler that will hopefully help future searches for this information. Our M48 action is a proprietary footprint design and is not compatible with other action footprints on the market. Any aftermarket stock will need to be designed specifically for our M48...
  4. Whitesheep

    Nosler M48 Footprint?

    On further research it appears the M48 is not a Howa 1500 clone. A poster on Sniper's Hide finally got through on the phone to Nosler recently. The Nosler rep indicated the M48 is similar to a Howa, but not the same. Reference this post number on Sniper's Hide #post-9326170 I am back to...
  5. Whitesheep

    Let's buy the perfect out west gun.

    I am sorry to hear that Elkman. Losing an animal you know you hit is one of the downsides of hunting. I have done it and the memories drive me to be better shooter. Here in AZ my group has mostly found Elk in the Pinyon / Juniper (PJs) forest. Shots can be very close, or quite far. A...
  6. Whitesheep

    Nosler M48 Footprint?

    Hi HodgemanAK - What do you mean by the "Custom Sporter?" MPI doesn't show a stock by that name on their website and I don't recall this is a Nosler style. What am I not understanding? Thanks
  7. Whitesheep

    Nosler M48 Footprint?

    Thank you for the added color HodgemanAK. Most of the web sites I have visited state the Howa 1500 and Weatherby Vangard use the same stock. I understand that the Vangard is essentially a Howa 1500. The basic Liberty stock isn't bad with a nice cheek piece and no drop at the heal like a full...
  8. Whitesheep

    Let's buy the perfect out west gun.

    My longest successful shot at Elk (haven't lost one yet and won't if I can help it) was 250 yards on the trot broadside. Most Elk my group have shot over the years have been within 100 and several as short as 30. I would not hesitate to hunt Elk with a 7mm-06 or 308. But then again, that...
  9. Whitesheep

    Nosler M48 Footprint?

    Thank you Ridgrunner665. I am considering a chassis stock and find nothing that specifically references Nosler. This will help.
  10. Whitesheep

    Nosler M48 Footprint?

    What other brands of rifles, if any, share the same action footprint as a Nosler Liberty M48? I know the scope mounts are Remington 700. Is this true for the entire action? If this is answered already on this forum please direct me to that thread as a search didn't uncover this information...
  11. Whitesheep

    Accuracy from a shortened barrel - what to expect?

    A few years ago, not satisfied with the accuracy of a T/C Prohunter in .280 Rem, I had Mike Bellem cut 5" off the barrel and recrown. The accuracy improvement with the now 23" barrel was amazing. The velocity loss was 105 fps. I am happy to trade the velocity for a now sub MOA rifle that was...
  12. Whitesheep

    Lever gun Renaissance

    Nice to see Ruger picked up Marlin from the Remington bankruptcy. I am sure they will do the old brand justice. Like other posters I love levers. All mine are pre Remlin and shoot great. My XLR in .444 is a 1 MOA rifle and good for over 350 yards. I used it to take a 5x5 Elk on the trot...
  13. Whitesheep

    Let's buy the perfect out west gun.

    Here is an "if I knew then what I know now" perspective. I started with a .30-06 for all the right reasons, but had to find something "better." Many years and rifles later I know I should have just spent all the money I've spent on "better" rifles on the best .30-06 I could afford at the...
  14. Whitesheep

    Outside neck turning?

    Neck turning has eliminated equipment caused flyers for me. I am pretty good at calling shots and was very frustrated by random flyers every 10 rounds or so. If someone else claimed this in a forum I, like you readers, would assume the writer is not as good a shot as he claims. Maybe so, but...
  15. Whitesheep

    44 Magnum Help!

    Glad you solved your problem. I have had the same thing happen and while it is embarrassing to miss this issue at least you figured it out yourself.
  16. Whitesheep


    Consider a binocular range finder combination unless you have binos you love now. The combination reduces the gear you carry and lets you spot and set known distances at the same time. It would bust your budget, but might be worth it if you have been considering upgrading your binoculars. I...
  17. Whitesheep

    The whole rifle world isn't hunting:

    Hi Desertcj. The club matches I attend at Cowtownrange in Peoria AZ are done at known ranges. In fact the squad mom (leader) makes sure everyone has located all the targets on that stage and has their scope settings down before the stages starts. This means wind reading and DOPE as well as...
  18. Whitesheep

    Young Buck

    Well, he knows to stay on private land. Now he needs to know how to stay far away from roads. Finally he has to find the tree where the hunting season calendar is posted so he knows when to practice both of the above.
  19. Whitesheep

    The whole rifle world isn't hunting:

    Guy, you are right on as usual. I participate in the local club PRS matches with my Nosler M48 in .280AI. I actually began cleaning some stages once I put target turrets on my 1" 6x20 VX3 with a Varmint Hunters reticle. I think my biggest disadvantage is the blind 5 round magazine. Things a...
  20. Whitesheep

    Bore cleaning older rifles

    Gun cleaning seems to be an art as well as a science, especially with an old gun. Taking a hint from a magazine article that there can be layers of powder and copper. Using a copper solvent back and forth with powder solvent can maybe get more of the crud out. Using Hoppes Benchrest (copper...