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    Brandy Goes to the Range

    I agree with David. Classy rifle all the way. Wish I had more of em!
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    Antlerless Season Missouri and a Daughters first deer

    Hey everyone thanks a bunch for the kind words. I can't express how much these past couple of seasons have expanded my passion for the outdoors. I have pretty much transitioned to that stage where I could care less if I ever punch a tag on a buck/animal again. Just being with the girls while...
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    Antlerless Season Missouri and a Daughters first deer

    Hey guys and gals, Long time no speak. Super busy as usual so my time spent online isn't what is used to be. First things first: Our two youngest daughters have been seizure free for almost 7 months ( medication controlled) after experiencing their first grand mal a little over a year...
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    Draw results NM.

    Thanks guys! These two little girls of ours are taking it on with a vengeance. Tobey I appreciate the offer. We used to live in Rio Rancho and I will be hunting with a good friend from there who happens to be a NM Game and Fish officer.
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    Draw results NM.

    Thanks Dr. Mike! I can't wait. I have been away from the forum for a while ( some good reasons some not so good). Long story short our two youngest girls fight with Epilepsy has taken a turn for the worse in the last year with them both developing Grand Mal seizures so our priorities have...
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    Draw results NM.

    I drew a muzzleloader bull tag unit 9. Looking forward to the Rockies again. Been a long two years since the last time I ventured out west.
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    Dogs for hunting

    Gosh I love hunting over dogs. Lets see, like Dr. Mike I used to coon hunt back in College: Blueticks, Redbones, Walkers, Black and Tans, and Curs. There is not a better sound on a still night than the long locate followed by the constant bark of being hot on the trail, then the chop of the...
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    Hunting trophies?

    I started off with just skull caps, then when I dropped my first Mulie in 1998 I went with a shoulder mount ( "just one" I said) one more mule deer, three whitetails later.... haha. I did a few Euro mounts in between as well. Currently my smaller ( score wise) mulie is hanging in my office...
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    Refinish opinion.

    Thanks David and Dr. Mike, you guys are too kind. I just finished setting up the shop at the new house so hopefully you all will be seeing some more walnut finessing in the near future from me.
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    Nephew’s Muley

    Yeah both of those are beauties, but holy cow that one on the right is an absolute thumper.
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    Refinish opinion.

    Here is my .338 in one of my stocks on the left finished with Waterlox and a Magic eraser. Winchester factory stock/finish on the right. Cant wait to see your finished refinish!
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    Finally got the 338 77 Tanger home!

    I have a "tanger" in .300Winmag that shoots extremely well. Somebody flipped a 4 wheeler while the rifle was slung across his back and the stock took the brunt of the fall. Oh wait that was me..... :) Cleaned the 3 inches of mud from her barrel, swabbed her clean, and rechecked the zero...
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    Refinish opinion.

    Waterlox is my go too now. I goes on very thin and smooths out nicely. If the sheen is too much, just lightly hit it with a Magic Eraser. Works like a charm and so much easier than steel wool.
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    I came across these bad boys in Menards last August. After a couple of trials in the back yard starting green maple switches I abandoned my old method of steel wool, Vaseline cotton balls, and a hunk of the firestarter logs you throw in a fireplace. They weight 285 grains each and here is...
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    Hearing protection when hunting

    I have the same views as Dr. Mike on this one. I have never felt the firearm recoil nor have I ever noticed muzzle blast when shooting at game in the field :). Now at the range I always double up foam earplugs and muffs over the top. Now that my daughters are getting old enough to join...
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    2017 Wyoming Elk Hunt

    Scotty great hunt! Glad you could stop by the house last night and grab some quick grub and tell a few stories. Hearing you tell the story in person was better than reading it in a book patience and persistence will always pay off. Have a safe rest of the trip back to Virginia. Next time...
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    Elk/Mulie trip SW CO 2017

    Thanks everyone! This is our second child to be diagnosed with Epilepsy in two years. Her siezures are coming from her frontal lobe, but she has an abnormal part of her brain to the rear. She has already "failed " one medication, and we are 3/4 of the way through the dose ladder on the...
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    NM Elk Hunt

    New Mexico and Elk... Can't go wrong with either. I sure do miss it. Congrats on the hunt. Looks like some great memories to be made for all.
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    Opening Day Success

    Congrats Guy! Great Pics and story! Always does me good to take a walk on the wild side by myself. Does me and my soul some good.
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    Youngest Punched Her Tag

    That just brings a great big smile to my face! Nicely done on all accounts! AWESOME!