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    Dies and Bullets

    Bump for everything. If interested in trading, I am looking for .224 52-55 Berger Varmint bullets and 7mm 100-120 varmint bullets as well.
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    7mm-08 150 Accubond

    120-140 ballistic tips with good shot placement produce fast kills on deer size game in 7mm08. I think the 150 Accubond is better suited for larger game at magnum velocities.
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    Varmint bullet fragility jug test? Has anyone posted this here?

    Tons of comparisons on YouTube. As far as Nosler base retention goes, I personally only want that for "hunting" game.
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    AR varmint bullet

    Speer TNT or Hornady SXSP.
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    What's so Special about the 270 Win?

    It just gave Jack something to write about and debate with Jim over for 55 years until the advent of the 7mm08 took the wind out of both of their sails.
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    Outrageous Prices

    They were only 10 oz. Then Hodgdon pulled this.
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    Outrageous Prices

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    Chub Eastman, Layne Simpson and Steve Timm would not agree.
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    Dies and Bullets

    PM sent. Thanks!
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    I believe some jackets are thicker in some calibers and weights like 7mm 120, 308 125 and 180, 338 etc.
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    I agree that hunting bullets designed to open up at 1800+ fps are not good hunting bullets at extended ranges. My Nosler number 3 manual suggested the old Solid Base bullets with their thin jackets be used for very long shots on game, as an example. This is why Bergers with high bc bullets and...
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    270 130g Nosler BT powders??

    H4831 is where I start with 130-150 grain bullets
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    Dies and Bullets

    (Partial bullet quantities may be pulled but in great shape) 6mm 80 gn Hornady GMX (50 NIP + 36) $50 6mm 100 gn Nosler Partition (50 NIP + 40) $75 .277 130 gn Nosler Partition (50 NIP) $50 7mm 139 gn Hornady Interlock BTSP (75) $25 7mm 120 gn Sierra Pro Hunter SP (51) $15 7mm 120 gn Hornady...
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    7mm 150 grn BT’s on close range shots

    160 Partition with RL 22 from 5 yards and far as 500 yards or so
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    Look what I found

    Back when they were turned on a lathe. Cool!
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    What have you taken bear with?

    160 Partition from M 70 7mm Rem Mag @368 yards via ranger finder
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    7mm 120 Ballistic Tips

    I wonder if Nosler has sole contract with IRS?
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    2023 Bullet Wish List

    7mm 120 Ballistic Tip needed in the stores