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  1. nhenry

    257 Roberts ready for Antelope

    Sounds like it'd be a daisy in a Tikka long box. I'd AI it if I were to ever build one, but that's just because I hate trimming brass.
  2. nhenry

    257 Roberts ready for Antelope

    3100 with a Bob is screaming. That's about what a standard 25-06 load will do. Makes me want one.
  3. nhenry

    7-08 119 Absolute Hammer

    They're fantastic bullets. I also used the 143 in a 280AI for my mule deer last year. He dropped at the shot. It was a frontal heart shot and the bullet exited out on the inside of one of the back legs. All the petals were somewhere in the intestines. No meat was wasted at all, except the heart...
  4. nhenry

    280AI Rebuild

    It still needs cerakote on the barrel, but it's done! I'm currently inletting the KS stock for the barrel channel and the BDL, so this Christensen Arms Mesa stock is being used for now.
  5. nhenry

    M70 264 WM FWT Maple stock

    I'm a sucker for curly maple in all varieties, but this is beautiful in its own class. Good pick up. The fact it's flavored in 264 is also very appealing to me
  6. nhenry

    LH McMillan 700 KS LA stock

    Never used. Bought from a dude on ebay for a rebuild of my rifle, but ended up finding one that better served my purposes. 29 oz. 13.5 LOP. Long action. ADL $350 TYD or best offer.
  7. nhenry

    Diagnosed with ARFS

    Godspeed on your journey to recovery
  8. nhenry

    Nosler 25-06 115gr Ballistic Tip w/cannelure?

    The factory Nosler 115s always have the cannelure; always have. It's for the factory crimp. They perform just the same as without. I wouldn't worry about it.
  9. nhenry

    6.5 Lancer ??

    Looks to me straight like a 6.5-06 AI. Shoulder's 'round the same height as the 25-06's.
  10. nhenry

    .277 cal 110 accubonds..

    Go for it. It ain't the same, but I suppose it's along the lines of a 120 in the 280AI, which is like lighting. The AB will hold up to those velocities.
  11. nhenry

    Rem 350 Mag

    That sure is scooting right along.
  12. nhenry

    Change of plans... Maybe?

    Do it
  13. nhenry

    Change of plans... Maybe?

    Well, I went and dropped the stock off at the smith yesterday and after trying to find it for several minutes, he remembered that they cut and chambered the thing already! My indecision was for nothing.
  14. nhenry

    Desert tech SRS A1 338 Lapua

    Moses in heaven that thing shoots. And the shooter did just as well. Good on you.
  15. nhenry

    Rem 700 sights F/S

    I'll take them. PM incoming
  16. nhenry

    416 Ruger 77

    I had the 1.5-5 VX-3HD. It was a good scope. I had it on the WRONG rifle, though, so I sent it down the road. You wouldn't go wrong with it. Good looking gun. I recommend getting that sucker bedded because even my 25-06 MkII had a split laminated stock.
  17. nhenry

    6.5 Jap quick load-

    I always thought an Arisaka would make a good sporter action. Haven't seem many of them made into that though. Good looking rig.
  18. nhenry

    Change of plans... Maybe?

    True that. Have you tested what kind of velocity loss you get when doing so?
  19. nhenry

    Change of plans... Maybe?

    That’s exactly the crossroads I’m at
  20. nhenry

    Change of plans... Maybe?

    From what I understand, they re-released the 280 Rem with higher pressures after a bit because they knew their mistake. It’s now at 60k PSI, still under the 270’s 65k PSI rating. The AI is rated at 65k PSI as well, which also gives it a longer leg up on the Rem in terms of performance. That...