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  1. huntnmachine

    Monster moose

    Incredible animal
  2. huntnmachine

    Favorite Big Game Animal to hunt

    Black bear, I like preparing bait sites and the excitement of knowing such a majestic beast could show up at any minute. Deer, moose and turkey are not far behind
  3. huntnmachine

    Favourite rifle or cartridge for various big game species?

    Whitetail 270 WSM Black bear 7MM Rem Mag Moose 300 Win Mag Turkey 12 gauge Mossberg 535 Turkey Special with Undertaker Chock Tube Varmints 25-06
  4. huntnmachine

    Sierra Gamekings vs Nosler Ballistic Tips for whitetails / h

    Excellent shooting..........whitetails beware
  5. huntnmachine

    300 Win Mag survey

    Hey Doc, Maybe give Wolverine Guns and Tackle a call in Red Deer Alberta 877-341-0220 I was having big time issues finding Winchester Accubond CT 140 grainers for my 270 WSM here in Ontario and come to find out they had truck loads of them. It may be worth a call to see if they carry Trophy...
  6. huntnmachine

    300 Win Mag survey

    The Trophy Bonded got my attention also, looks like it has the best all round characteristics. I am also considering the Remington Hyper Sonic Ultra Bonded for black bear, massive mushroom and quick energy release sounds like good bear medicine.
  7. huntnmachine

    300 Win Mag survey

    Check out the results folks ... ds-market/
  8. huntnmachine

    Elk #2 takes a dirt nap

    I don't know what is more impressive, the explanation of the hunt or the fine looking Elk Congrats on both!
  9. huntnmachine

    I'm going to start hunting closer to home!!

    True monarchs for sure, I would love to see one of them in my scope!
  10. huntnmachine

    Oh Mother Nature?

    Love hunting in the snow!
  11. huntnmachine


    Great shooting and good luck
  12. huntnmachine

    Moose bullet in 30 cal.

    Good to know, thanks Doc
  13. huntnmachine

    Hunting..........sniper style ... tages.html
  14. huntnmachine

    Moose bullet in 30 cal.

    I am considering using my 270 WSM for moose, like you, I love this caliber and ammo combo
  15. huntnmachine

    WI Bear!!!

    Awesome bear, thanks for sharing
  16. huntnmachine

    A First

    I would eat there everyday............ Thanks for sharing your adventure and pictures!
  17. huntnmachine

    Another grizzly takes a dirt nap

    Awesome looking bear, on my bucket list along with Yukon moose as soon as the lottery decides its my
  18. huntnmachine

    Decent caribou

    What a beast!
  19. huntnmachine

    Moose bullet in 30 cal.

    I use Winchester Accubond CT 140 grainers in my 270 WSM for black bear and whitetail and it hits like Thor's Hammer I am going to try out Hornady 165 grain GMX this year for moose in my 300 Win Mag
  20. huntnmachine

    Almost bear via jet boat

    I would have done more than just wet my pants!