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    Quick load 3006; 150ttsx;

    That's worth grabbing!
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    Load Analysis

    That’s a great load right there. Not much a 150 from a 270 won’t handle.
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    9.3 250 Accubond

    Thanks for the update on your hunt. It does sound like a bit of speed wouldn’t hurt anything or putting it on some bone.
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    3030 and 125gn pills

    Sounds like you’re sorting that 30-30 out. That’s some good speed out of the 130 bullets.
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    6.5x55SE Powder Choice

    I did some playing around with RL26 and the 140 Accubonds back a few years ago and using QL I came up with about 2890 with them. They shoot like crazy. Or at least good enough for me. This was using Hornady brass if I remember correct, and I dropped it a bit for the Lapua brass. I’ve...
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    Fixing to get back on my 444 project

    Man, that's pretty cool. There are worse problems than to many irons in the fire, especially nice ones like that.
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    Bullet Help

    Man, that is pretty cool! Never seen one of those in person. Heard about them, never seen one.
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    300 Win Mag Ladder - 180 BT / RL26

    Those big joints are tough on all bullets.. That's a 180 PT from a 300 Win from a bull elk. Shattered the onside and was found in the knuckle on the farside. I still think a 180 BT would've done about the same after seeing them in action.
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    250 savage questions ?

    I have a 1976 Ruger 77 250 Savage. I haven't gotten around to really ringing it out but I had some good results with Ramshot Hunter and 115 BT's. I ran my data using QL and reformed Lapua 22-250 cases. Worked like a champ. Cartridge : .250 Savage Bullet : .257, 115...
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    6.5 Lancer ??

    Whatever it is, it certainly looks like a screamer!
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    .360 Buckhammer

    Cool deal! That is really good stuff. I have debated sending an older lever 30-30 to JES for a rebore to 35-30/30. Seems like the Buckhammer will survive knowing you can make it from 30-30. Looks like it shoots like a devil!
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    300 Win Mag Ladder - 180 BT / RL26

    You will never beat the need for confidence and the AB gives you that! I don't blame you a bit.
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    Remington 700 rebarreled

    Rifle looks great Dan, as do those mounts.
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    Bullet Help

    My guess is the old Hornady 180 grain SSP (Single Shot Pistol) bullet. They made a run of them for pistols years back. I may even have a box on the shelf. The Speer 180 has a pretty flat point on them, or at least mine do.
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    300 Win Mag Ladder - 180 BT / RL26

    I have been using up some 180 BT's in my H&H. I still have bags of them I got off of Bivwak back in the day.
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    300 Win Mag Ladder - 180 BT / RL26

    Just me Mark, but I'd have zero fear of using a 180 BT anyplace I'd use the 180 Accubond. Try them for yourself in jugs if you can, but I'd bet almost nearly identical penetration. You might find a lose core with the Ballistic Tip. Reason I say this is I loaded for my good friend and still...
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    7-08 119 Absolute Hammer

    Man, that's a great sounding load.. Those darned Hammers are popping up alot lately..
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    6.5x55SE Powder Choice

    I like my 6.5 Swede as well. Great shooting rifle that seems to do well with about anything from 120's to 155's so far.
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    375 H&H Mag 260 gr E-Tip

    Ron Spomer recently used a 270 grain Hammer on an elephant. This was their expanding variety and from the sounds of it, they worked fantastic. Something about that nose expanding quickly in the bone and the base driving to the brain. Spomer noted the PH liked the Hammers and said they were...
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    Light bullets in the 6.5 Creedmoor

    I have seen enough Hornady stuff lately to wonder how they get their speeds. The 143 ELD stuff in my 6.5 PRC was very slow as well, around 2700'ish, some 7-08 139 grain stuff, also around 2500, many many reports of 7 PRC 175 stuff being 150-200 FPS slow as well. That Federal load looks...