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  1. gerry

    Fixing to get back on my 444 project

    Super cool. Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out for you.
  2. gerry

    257 Roberts ready for Antelope

    Hard to imagine a better load for antelope than that. Good luck on the hunt!
  3. gerry

    Bullet Help

    Cool, I wonder how those would do on deer. I believe they are still offered in 35 Rem ammo so they must do well.
  4. gerry

    Bullet Help

    It's not the current 180gr Speer, I wonder if it is the .358 150 gr Remington CL?
  5. gerry

    .360 Buckhammer

    The Bob Ross of reloading huh............. Nice video Guy!
  6. gerry

    375 H&H Mag 260 gr E-Tip

    Looks like a good load JD. Does anyone else think that someone should come out with a 235 gr tipped mono bullet? Either Nosler or Barnes would do.
  7. gerry

    6.5x55SE Powder Choice

    Got my first Swede in the mid 1990's for the same reason, the ability to load those heavy bullets if needed. Love the mild recoil, excellent accuracy and on game performance.
  8. gerry

    6.5x55SE Powder Choice

    In our various 6.5's I've tried the 156 gr Oryx, 156 gr Vulkan and 155 gr Lapua Mega bullet and they all produced fine accuracy. All were 8 twists but I bet you'll be fine in a 1 in 8.6 with any of them.
  9. gerry

    .360 Buckhammer

    That's an excellent load, good accuracy and speed. Sure do hope you get that big buck, he's a beauty!
  10. gerry

    6.5x55SE Powder Choice

    Both are good but I would give IMR 7828 a slight edge. Have tried both before but settled on H 4350 in our Tikka since we had a good supply of it.
  11. gerry

    Remington 700 rebarreled

    Looks really sharp. Hope the accuracy holds for you in the new stock.
  12. gerry

    170 grain Ballistic Tip in a 270 Weatherby?

    Congrats on your speed goat! You were prepared for long range so this would have been a really easy shot for you.
  13. gerry

    Ramshot Big Game?

    When I had a Ruger 77 Mk II in 30-06 I had a great load with Big Game and the 150 gr E Tip. Had excellent results as well in a 303 British, 358 Norma, and heavy bullets in 35 Whelen. It's a good powder that does well in a lot of different applications.
  14. gerry

    Local Salmon Run.

    Hard to tell exactly but those look like Chinook to me. They sure do have it tough when the water is low. Good to see them coming up and escaping the bears too!
  15. gerry

    Stevens 311D 12 ga “Blondie”

    Nice find, just a few months older than me. It's amazing how well firearms last when taken care of. Hopefully you get many grouse and turkeys with it.
  16. gerry

    160 gr. partition in 270 Win.

    An old thread come to life again! Since posting 11 years ago when I had no experience with the 160 gr Partition it's now one of my favorite bullets in the 270 Win. Usually quite accurate and performs great on bigger game. Going to try them in the 6.8 Western this coming year when things settle down.
  17. gerry

    ...because we don't have whitetail

    One of my favorite's I love the ones where they show it in slow motion. Clearly the Kangaroo has never taken a right cross like that before! Love the shocked look on his face.
  18. gerry

    .358 Nosler bullets for sale (WI

    These shouldn't last long!
  19. gerry

    35 Whelen and 250gr Bullets

    That looks really good. What load did you end up with in the end?
  20. gerry

    ...because we don't have whitetail

    Cuts heal, lost beverages are never recovered. Glad he was able avoid a tragedy.