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    hey dog lovers

    Actually over here we have a construction so you can attach hooves to your heel,so it leaves the scent while you are walking. Called Fährtenschuh, don't know if there is a translation. As far as I know deer have glands in the hooves that leave a scent. At least good dogs are able to follow a...
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    The Springfield...

    Wow. I think I am the first hunter in my family for generations. I hope my boys get the virus some day. Or at least be shooters. Nothing special to pass down. But I killed my first buck together with my elder son. My furthest shot my my little one when he was four (12 years ago). So maybe...
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    Mossberg Bantam 243

    Happy independence Day from Germany! Neither can help with the rifle, nor the cartridge - but good luck!
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    Help me choose?

    Bought a Bergara Ridge in 308 for the woman to leave me... It doesn't like all powder/bullet combos. But if they do, they really do! Built her target loads with cheap Prvi fmj and 168 hollow points. Easy to get below moa. There where hunting loads in the same area, never tried them on game...
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    Lest We Forget

    Thanks for freeing the world and especially Germany from evil. That is meant just like that from a German. I hope we will never let something like that happen again
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    Mauser 98 Sporter 7x57mm

    One of the cartridges that started what we have now. And still does the job. Are others better? Depends on your definition.
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    Max Load for N160 with 130 grain Accubond in Modern 6.5x55SE

    Nothing wrong with the 6,5 X 55. I only got a Creedmoor because few rifles out there in Swede for lefties. My ex-wifes first rifle was an old Mauser and she killed a few deer with it - with the Accubond. Those old rifles are the reason max pressure is rather low. The steel wasn't too good on...
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    45* offset reflex sight

    Either I am too numb to feel anything (my Exes will probably agree) or the Tikka varmint stainless with a24 inch barrel is simply docile. Your choice ;-)
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    45* offset reflex sight

    Have that on a bolt action for close encounters if I don't have my 1-8 scope on the rifle. Takes a bit of getting used to, but it works!
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    Ejectors vs Extractors

    My ejectors only throw out the spent shell.
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    Ejectors vs Extractors

    My o/u has ejectors and like Guy I find it annoying to pick up the shells. On the stand it is ok, but I don't leave empty shells in the field. Even more pronounced in auto loaders. Sometimes takes a while to find all the cases On the stand, speed doesn't matter at all, hunting where it might...
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    Colorado is looking more like California....

    Got the same here in Europe. I hunt lead free in rifles for more than 10 years and it works for me. Shot is a bit more complicated, more so with older shotguns. Let's hope for the old guns, that bismuth or tungsten become more available. And cheaper. Steel has limits with older guns and tight...
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    Would this be less accurate measuring?

    I do it like that for a decade at least. Only with two slits. I always take several measurements with two different cases. Works for me
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    7mm Mauser - Even better with age!

    In Europe, max pressure is 3900 bar due to some older rifles still being around. If it were invented today, max would be higher...
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    Mods, please...

    Could you get rid of those spupid airline posts?
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    What's so Special about the 270 Win?

    So: what's special about 30-06? There is a 308 with less recoil and some mags with more power. What's special about 300 win mag? Apart from the belt... There are cartridges with less recoil and there are some with more power. Or bigger diameter Talking.338 for example. I honestly lost track of...
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    elevated box stands

    Well. Yeah. But at 0°F I had so much stuff to keep me warm that the trapdoor wasn't first concern
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    elevated box stands

    Hunted from some of those. What I found our they are more noisy. If no game is close - fine. But otherwise I wasn't able to get in without spooking them all...
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    elevated box stands

    Learned it the hard way: put the legs on some 20 inch walkway stones, or whatever they are called (sorry - German...). That way water can run off and the legs don't rot quickly. Then hammer in some 40 inch halve-square iron poles next to the legs and screw them to the legs. That way, they won't...
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    elevated box stands

    Looks very good and much like what we use most of the time. Add a plank for elbow rest and a sandbag, and you can shoot very steadily. If you want it less noisy in the rain, use wood for the roof and put the film you use for pools/ponds on it instead.