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    2023 Trail Cam Pics

    I'm thinking that dude is worthy of a lead injection.
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    ok guys, big $hit going on

    I have only used a few powders in mine, I shoot mostly magnums and slow powders like R-26, H-1000, and N-570, but it has been easy. You might have to play with the speed a bit to get the measurement correct if your going for max speed with each powder. If you slow it down a bit it seems easier...
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    ok guys, big $hit going on

    I have a V4 and they are pretty cool. Definitely expensive but way faster and more accurate.
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    R26 Substitute powder!!

    N565 and H1000 are virtually identical in my 6.5prc. With the same charge weight, 58grs with 147 ELD-M'S, the speeds are within 10fps. I shoot 55grs of R26 with the same 147's and get the same velocity as H1000 and N565. I dont think you'll get close to R26 speed from N560. The burn rate might...
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    Convert fps at 1300 ft of elevation to fps at 6500 fps

    BC does change some but air density is more critical and has a larger effect. A bullets profile doesn't drastically change but how the air effects it does change with altitude/humidity/temperature.
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    Convert fps at 1300 ft of elevation to fps at 6500 fps

    The atmospheric pressure goes down as the elevation goes up. The lower pressure reduces the drag on the bullet and therefore the bullet retains more energy and velocity at longer ranges. The starting velocity doesn't change no matter the elevation, with all else being equal.
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    Retumbo now at Graf's!!!!!!

    Only had 1lb bottles but I bought 8. Probably should of bought more but I just bought 8lbs of R-26 last week too and I have 150lbs or so of powder already.
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    180 ELD-M

    I haven't shot the ELD-M'S in 7mm 162gr but I have shot the Amax version in a 7-300wm at 3265fps. Even at 530yds they didn't pentrate past the onside lung on a bull elk. I'd be careful using them on elk with any kind of magnum. I think I'd go to the 180's. BTW that bull never got back up but it...
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    Backyard Bandtails

    That is begging for a "flock" shot
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    .338 Win Mag to .416 Ruger

    The funny thing is if you have the mag length the 338wm with a 285 ELD-M and are 416 Ruger with a 340MTH Cutting Edge bullet are almost the same velocity at top velocity with a 24" barrel, around 2625. Both would be loaded around 3.65"AOL. A 250 Berger might have better long range ballistics in...
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    If you got in late to the point game it's a race between age/ability against everyone else with more points then you or you might get insanely lucky. I'm not wishing harm to anyone but I'd imagine there are some that will drop off due to age, ability, death, etc as the point totals get so...
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    Father/Daughter Hunt

    I would hunt axis on Lanaii Hawaii and go during bird season, the end of November to end of Jan. There are some massive turkeys there in addition to francolin, doves, etc. There are tons of birds. You can hunt with a guide or pay to hunt DIY on the private property, which allows you to hunt any...
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    H1000 Powder in Stock

    If you need it really bad.
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    How many of you are considering a tri-pod to shoot off of for hunting?

    I've been running a Gunwerks tripod with a Arca rail on my 6.5prc ( . I forgot the bipod for the gun and my son shot his cow elk off it from prone. Its hard to get as low with it but with the legs all the way out it...
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    338 rpm

    I would check that load at the temp your going to be hunting at. 748 is really temp sensitive and you might be out of the node at the hunting temp. If I remember right it's about 1.5fps/degree. Other than that, good shooting.
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    There were tons of people when we hunted it as well. We were early and didn't see many people until 3-4 days in, about the time we started seeing good numbers, and then there were people everywhere. It was almost like someone tipped them off that they were accessible. Personally I'd just go to...
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    Honestly 2 Kodiak blacktails are nearly the size of 1 caribou bull. They are pretty big. I'd go to Kodiak with 3 tags and fill the tags. When we went there were deer everywhere and it was 80+ degrees for the first couple days in late August and mid 70's after that. We saw 34 bucks on one...
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    Air Gun Hunting?

    My Dad, kids and I just shot a ton of iguanas in Puerto Rico a few months ago with FX Dreamline .25 cal airguns that they supplied. I've also shot them in Florida with a Umarex .22. I haven't shot anything big with my Benjamin Kratos .25, FX Impact .35, or Airforce Texan .45 yet. I also have a...
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    Same or Different?

    I cut .270 130's and 7mm 120/150's as well as those 150 .30's and all were very thin jacketed compared to the .30 180gr, .338 200gr, .35 225gr, and 375 250gr bullets I cut in half so I tend to believe what I was told. I would bet even the new version of BT's is thinner than those heavier...
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    Same or Different?

    I was told by Nosler the 180gr .30 Ballistic Tips and larger were all beefed up for use on elk and larger animals. I cut many of them apart and found that to be true. The shank on those are about 3 times thicker. I think I actually posted pictures of those on here years ago. We shot tons of the...