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    220 Swift Data

    Someone recommended AA2700 to me a while back. I'd found a really good load using 4064, but I tried 2700 anyway. I found just about the same accuracy, but noted that the 2700 load did not heat the barrel nearly as fast as 4064 does. I'm seeing groups of about 1/2 inch, and velocities well over...
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    No longer available here.

    Just a few threads down: I'm willing to sell these outright. It seems my desires for a swap seems to be a no-go these days, so I'm willing to just sell outright and then go shopping for what I want. I'm...
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    Those were the days!

    I've had the same thoughts regarding component availability in general. Maybe, once the ammo market reaches saturation, components will become reasonably available again. Fingers crossed!
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    Looking for a Favor

    Hotter data, at least for Re15. I've used the max Re15 data for years, and some go with an even heavier charge with no reported problems.
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    Trade WTT .264" 140-gr Partitions - 8 boxes (plus a few others)

    Having inventoried my bullets, I found that some of my standbys are getting a bit low and I have some other bullets I have not developed loads for and would rather not since primers and brass have been hard to find lately. Some are just bullets I want to quit using. To simplify, my excesses...
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    Target bullets for deer

    I think it really just depends. If you're expecting impact velocities of 3200 fps, you need a tougher bullet and a mono may be just the ticket. If you have to shoot a mono, then choose a lighter one for your caliber and drive it as fast as you can accurately. If your cartridge can't drive the...
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    Nosler 70-gr .224" RDFs for hunting?

    RL338, I saw's encouraging and suggests that they may work. Maybe I'll just have to load some up and take em down to "the ranch" and see how the hogs like em. I could be surprised or I could be disappointed. I think I'm allowed to bring along some AB loads just in case they don't do...
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    Nosler 70-gr .224" RDFs for hunting?

    So...I conducted an inventory on my bullet stash the other day and found I am sitting pretty. Among the bullets counted was about 500 of the 70-grain RDFs which I originally bought to try out in a Model 70 HB some years ago (before I found out the rifling was trashed in the original barrel) in...
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    Target bullets for deer

    Jim...I was searching for info on using Nosler RDFs for hunting and I ran across this thread. You pose an interesting question, and I have one answer to it. When I was playing with the 6.5 Grendel in an AR a few years ago, I did a little searching and researching and stumbled upon the...
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    Annealing vs not annealing at 1000 yards

    The internet is a wonderful vehicle for becoming what you are not, but want to be. Pretenders suck.
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    35 Whelen loading questions.

    This might not be where the issue lies, but it's something to always remember... I was given a couple hundred pieces of 6mm Remington brass a few years ago. I tucked it away. When I decided to see about prepping it, I checked headstamps. It was all R-P, but I noticed subtle differences in the...
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    Quick Load?

    ...and NO, you cannot run QL on an iPad.
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    Quick Load?

    QL is a great tool and a good toy for acquiring new knowledge via the "what if" games that can be played with it. However, QL does N-O-T generate loading data as we generally use the term. I say that because bonafide, published loading data is pressure tested and QL outputs are mere...
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    70 grain Accubond in a 1-8” .223?

    Can't offer any experience with Varget in this case, but I know Benchmark will work with 50s. You'll get that done with ease.
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    222 Remington Load for shorter barrel

    I think I'm jealous, Scotty. Wait, no...I AM jealous! Should be a sweet rifle! Nothing like a seven year-old thread to shine the light on change. I'm now using LT-32 in my junky old 788, but still shooting 50-grain V-Max. The LT-32 won't get anywhere near the velocities X-Terminator give, but...
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    70 grain Accubond in a 1-8” .223?

    BTW, I had been waiting for months to get my hands on more 70 ABs from SPS...when I finally saw them the other night I tried to buy 500 more, but could only get 450. I guess I got the last of them! I bet it'll be another year before we see them again.
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    70 grain Accubond in a 1-8” .223?

    PS, I've played with the 70 AB in my hogslayer ARs, which I believe are 1:8s (both are LaRue barrels). I chose AR-Comp because I have a lot of it on hand and it was not slated for any other use...I had no trouble getting near-MOA performance using 23.0 grains of the stuff. I'm still not very...
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    New 70-Grain

    Follow up: I used QuickLOAD and compared its output with available data for bullets in the 69-grain to 77-grain range, and loaded up trial loads ranging from 22.3 to 23.5 grains of AR-Comp. I shot them in two nearly identical rifles with 18-inch LaRue barrels. I could tell immediately that the...
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    New 70-Grain

    I was looking for .223 Rem data, shooting an AR. The data shown on the site is for the 70-grain RDF...which is obviously better than a WAG, but data specific to the Accubond would be nice. I have, and run QuickLOAD and that's better than a WAG also. I still would like to see published data, though.
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    New 70-Grain

    I have been unable to find any loading data for this new bullet. I have managed to find some of the bullets to try out, but I'm puzzled as to why Nosler has not published any data at all---at least, not that I have been able to find. Am I just looking in the wrong places?