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    Rank em'

    I've used a bunch of gear over the years, but most of it has been Hornady. Most of the big hook and bullet stores in AK have a metric crap ton of Hornady equipment in stock.
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    Shorter, lighter bullets in the 7mm PRC?

    I've been thinking about the 7PRC quite a bit. The only thing I think it really does better than the 7RM is that you can buy the whole enchilada over the counter and have a match chamber, match factory ammo loaded with high BC bullets, and a barrel twisted tight enough to stabilize them. You...
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    1-1-2023 Lion!!!

    Congratulations! What a hunt!
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    Barrel break in.

    I've done it and not done it... can't really see any difference. Of course, shooting them and cleaning them is using them and breaking them in simultaneously. Maybe a guy who can shoot in the .2s with a benchers gun might benefit...but I'm a "minute of moose" kind of guy. I think a "break in"...
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    I'm a huge fan of the .375 Ruger and played around with the 3 different factory loads when it came out. Fast forward a few years and I pretty much settled on the 270gr expanding load for everything I'd hunt with it and a few 300gr DGX in my pocket for the pack out. My rifle shot each load to a...
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    .360 Buckhammer

    Maybe trying to compete with the 350 Legend?
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    .223 Rifles for Deer sized game

    Eastern Tennessee for the time being.
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    .223 Rifles for Deer sized game

    Nothing here really has much of a pelt- coyotes are pretty thin furred here and there's not a market for groundhogs. Most of the time shooting them is just nuisance control type work. Lots of farmers here will give you a lease or permission if you promise to shoot every coyote and groundhog you see.
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    .223 Rifles for Deer sized game

    When I was up on the north slope, I never saw anything that wasn't a Mini-14 in .223REM. Those guys shot everything with them firing 55gr FMJs, but it wasn't always pretty. Some of the S.E. guys use them for deer- small deer at close range sorta like here. My thought is a pretty nice bolt gun...
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    .223 Rifles for Deer sized game

    I'm contemplating a new deer rifle. Since I've mostly archery hunted deer in TN. Would there be substantial cons to using a .223 with an appropriate big game bullet for deer? Years ago, such bullets were hard to find and I gave up on the .223 for deer after one significant failure involving a...
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    Modified Cases

    I've made a couple that worked OK. The big problem is concentricity when running in the tap. If you've got a lathe- problem solved. I did have one that I needed to scrap and try again, but I got it second time around. There's nothing really magic happening- I'll roll my own if I can't find one...
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    Christianson Rifles

    I've got the handle three. A Mesa in 7-08 that shoots like a laser beam owned by a friend. A MPR in 6.5 I had for a while- shot pretty well, but I hated how it handled and hunted in the field. A Ridgeline in 300PRC owned by a buddy that won't shoot worth a darn- I'm sure it's fixable, but my...
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    Mossberg 590

    Merry Christmas back at ya! For a hunting auto...I've had excellent results with a Benelli M2, even got an 18" barrel for it.
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    Mossberg 590

    ^^^ This. You can add a bird barrel to your 870 a lot easier than you can add one to a 590.
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    Sealing Laminate Stock

    In theory, the laminate stock is sealed clear through during the laminating process as the bonding agent is forced into the wood under high pressure. It likely wouldn't hurt to hit the barrel channel and action inlet with some poly spray or wax, but it's likely a "belt and suspenders" sort of...
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    How many of you are considering a tri-pod to shoot off of for hunting?

    I've only made one shot from a tripod, a spring bear a couple years ago. It worked well- shot from the tripod kneeling to see over the grass. The shot was only about 100 yards, so it was pretty much a chip shot. I've resisted carrying anything, but I've mostly hunted dead open country and...
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    6.5 Creedmore in 20 inch barrel?

    I had no problem getting 143s to 2750 in an 18" barrel with Superformance powder at max book loads. 24" barrels were 100-125fps faster. I still had room in the case and excellent case life, so faster wouldn't have been out of the question. But routine 1/2" groups told me it was time to stop...
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    Thanks Nosler

    Very nice! Congratulations!
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    Time to say goodbye

    Losing a good dog is hard. So sorry. It's a tough decision, but I've never heard anyone lament they did it too soon...but I've heard several lament they waited too long.
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    Is there a reason primers aren't shrink wrapped?

    Given the volatile nature of the chemical composition in primers, I doubt you'd want to seal up brand new ones. I'd bet they off- gas to some degree and it'd be something you wouldn't want in any quantity. They work just fine stored for decades as-is, shrink wrap would have little to no benefit...