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    2023 Moose hunt

    Another filled freezer well done
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    The 450 gettin ready for this year

    Gives me the shudders, 300 grains at 2400 is stout.
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    Ok so I’m glad you figured it out.
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    I still don’t know what cartridge is causing so much grief.
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    I think I remember, factory loads chambered and your reloads are tight?
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    2023 Hunting Season

    Classic mule deer looking country, well done. Good luck on your elk!
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    Which cartridge are you referencing? I skimmed through my manual and can’t figure it out, but its 0540 and I’m on my first cup.
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    Good to hear Vince. Keep me posted and I’ll ship you those waders and a spinning rod.
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    375 H&H Mag 260 gr E-Tip

    Sorry, I ordered on Monday, I’m about 6 hours northeast of Bend, truck stopped here on Wednesday. Fella asked me If I would take em all as he didn’t want to go to Idaho and beyond:)
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    9.3 250 Accubond

    I think a bit more speed will help. Some times we will be surprised by what a bullet does or does not do. Ive shot quite a few elk with the 250 gr/338 from 30 yards to 300 without recovering a bullet. I’ve killed a couple at 400 and two at 500, declined shots that were further. I’ve recovered...
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    How does this happen

    Raining hard at the front of the house; sunny off the back deck; at the exact same time; then I saw the doe lying in the back yard. wierd
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    A Bad Omen?

    So are you aiding and abetting in the miss appropriation of city property:)
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    First snow 2023

    A little early, even for here. But it’s gone now and going to warm back up. Talked to a couple of buddies who are bow hunting and said the elk were on fire this morning.
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    Quick load 3006; 150ttsx;

    When or if 17 becomes available I’ll probably buy 100 pounds of the stuff.
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    9.3 250 Accubond

    Lorka Welcome aboard. As others have mentioned you will find this to be a highly knowledgeable and friendly group. Congratulation on your stag, looking forward to seeing your pictures. My personal philosphy is to break bone particularly on elk. The area I hunt is very steep and deep. A 100 yard...
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    First snow 2023

    Bow season is still in full swing. With the wind right we can hear bulls bugling up on the hill above us. Fall is definitely here. Deer season opens soon, grouse and bear are open, rifle elk is still six weeks away. Upland three weeks out. Running the dogs this morning, fog cleared a little...
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    Quick load 3006; 150ttsx;

    Thanks for that tip, save on powder and ball so to speak.
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    Quick load 3006; 150ttsx;

    I like the 150 ttsx out of my 06, I ordered some of nosler e tip on Monday they arrived yesterday. I’ll start playing with those in October.
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    Quick load 3006; 150ttsx;

    Thanks guys, buddy has a bunch of IMR and a couple hundred bullets but wanted some verifiable data.
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    257 Roberts ready for Antelope

    Hope you can find a load in that MDL. 70. MDL 70 featherweights and 257 Roberts seem to go together like PP&J